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Dr. Debbie Rubin

-Cheryl Lee from Philadelphia, PA
Pet Name: Jake

My male Maltese (Jake) has been seeing Dr. Deb since birth (2000). Jake has had many issues over the years and I imagine has been quite a challenge for Dr. Deb. We've dealt with severe skin allergies, ear infections, narrowing trachea, weight issues, eye cataracts and more recently a severe heart murmur, pulmonary hyper tension and chronic valvular disease. Jake has kept Debbie very busy. It's amazing how this dog just keeps bouncing back. I am convinced, that it's due to the care Dr. Deb has given Jake over the years. The fact that this little guy is still alive is a testament to Dr. Deb's care. She is always there for him, with the proper treatments, sound advice and genuine concern for his well being. She is also there to provide guidance and advice for us as well and we respect her honesty as to the issues, what's at stake and what can be expected. I'll never forget the time Debbie accompanied Jake to a late night consultation with an eye surgeon. That truly was an act above and beyond. I can say many admirable things about Debbie, but what comes to mind recently happened last week. Jake was having difficulty breathing, on the weekend of course. Debbie said she'd take a look at Jake and to meet her at her office, which happened to be on a Sunday evening. She left a family affair in Washington, DC to meet Jake at her office. It was 9pm. Jake's oxygen was poor and he was filled with fluids. Debbie administered meds to make Jake comfortable and his conditions improved drastically overnight. Had she'd not seen him, I'm not sure what Jake's fate would have been. She continued her care during the week and Jake was in the care of a cardiologist all weekend. He is now being treated for moderate chronic valvular disease and pulmonary hyper tension. All the while Debbie has been in constant contact with us to check on Jake's status, our well being, and has remained in contact with the specialist. Jake is doing well again and with no doubt he will continue to improve, once again, under Debbie's care. Words cannot describe our gratefulness and admiration for Debbie. Jake has had many issues over the years and she has truly prolonged Jake's life on more than one occasion. I'm convinced it's the care and love she has given that keeps him going. We don't know what we'd do without her. She has a special place in our hearts, and Jake's little heart too. And if Jake could speak, he'd say the exact same things. She is a blessing to all she serves and to all who know her.


-Jennifer Jordan from Philadelphia, PA
Pet Name: Chase

I had the pleasure of bringing my new puppy that I have just adopted into the Knightswood Hospital on Wednesday 8/22 and I was VERY impressed. I have to be honest I was very nervous because I have read a lot of bad reviews about how horrible this practice was but I decided to check it out for myself and I was glad I did. The moment I walked in the building I felt like I have been a well-known patient there for a long time. The one receptionist that checked me in was very enthusiastic and it made a point to come out from the desk to pet my dog chase and explain my records to me. I did have a little wait (which is definitely expected from a busy practice) and was not once bored! I had a great conversation with both Darci and Jeanette who answered all questions I had (which there was a full list) and also spoke to me about personal experiences they have had. With myself working in Healthcare I know that offices can get very busy which sometimes make the receptionist a little frustrated and come off a little arrogant when they don’t try to but this was not the case at all! All three of these ladies made my visit very informative and fun. I really hope that other people looking for a good vet office make their own decision instead of going by what the reviews say because if it were up to me I would definitely rate you a 5 out of 5. These ladies went above and beyond the true meaning of customer service.

I of course also have to mention the great care the Vet has given us as well she answered all questions and gave me a lot of information on ways to prevent certain things such as heart worm, fleas and also gave great tips when it came to biting, potty training and kennel cough!

I am actually looking forward to seeing all the staff when I come back for my follow up on Monday!


-Marie Mifflin from Philadelphia, PA

I was seen by Dr. Lee in September with my 5 month old Belgian Shepard (Nana) who has an incredible flea problem. Not only did Dr. Lee treat Nana for fleas & provided medicine for Nana to relieve her from itching & scratching herself raw, but he also provided me additional knowledge for example (benadryl for itching) but also what to use in my backyard for fleas !! Dr. Lee is a very intelligent and caring individual as well as an incredible asset to your practice. He was very gentle with Nana especially since Nana is a little anti-social (hahaha).

Do to my work hours I can only get to make an appointment anytime after 3:30pm. After my experience with Dr.Lee, I will only have my girls be seen by him...I just had my dog Guinness there for the same problem & she was also seen by Dr. Lee !! Once again he was very gentle with Guinness who is 13 years old. I guess I'm really trying to say is that I'm so glad that he has started down his road of helping animals with your practice & I hope he remains there for many, many years to come.

Also the girls at the counter are all so friendly and always so glad to see you when you walk in the door !! I like the fact that the women do not ignore "my girls" when I have to bring them in. It makes them more at ease being at the doctor's & makes me at ease knowing that the women truly care about what they do.

Thank you for your time,
Marie Mifflin


Pet Name: tessa

just a note of appreciation to your staff, especially Jeannette, Denise and Dr Lee for their care & concern. i am a newer client (since fall 2012) and wanted my senior girl Tessa evaluated & to get an update on any new issues. we already knew of several health issues prior to our first visit. Unfortunately, the time came to make the hardest decision for a pet lover & we were given the gentlest caring and concern by your staff. it made this final decision much easier to handle. again my heartfelt thanks and whenever i make the decision to again adopt a new cuddle buddy (and i will), Knightswood will be my vet hospital again

Heartfelt compassion

-Carolyn DeSautel from Bensalem, PA
Pet Name: Rambo

On Friday April 19th I had to part ways with my beloved Rambo. We had him for 17 years. Dr. Deb and Karen were so comforting in my time of need. They understand that Rambo was not just my pet but a big part of our family. Thank you for spending time with me and Ray and comforting us during this difficult time!


-Dot Taylor from Philadelphia, PA
Pet Name: Gizmo

I can not say enough good things about Dr. Debbie and her wonderful staff...Dr. Debbie has been treating our Gizmo for some time now. Our girl is getting older and is having some problems. But Debbie calls often to check on her and to see if there is anything our girl needs. She is so caring it is truly amazing. I tell her that we Love her for taking such good care of our Gizmo and our Gizmo Loves her as well..Thank You Dr. Debbie


-Lou Rosmii from Philadelphia, PA
Pet Name: Kane

I recently had to let my Akita Kane go he had become ill and was terminal. I had him for 12 yrs from a pup. The staff here has always been helpful and the Doc's very knowledge and treated him very well. On the night that we let him go the staff could not have been anymore compassionate and professional to me and my girlfriend. His passing was hard but they helped with encouragement and advise. I just wanted to say thanks to the ladies at the counter and the doc that was on that night.

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Years of Excellent Service

-Patti Bohdan from Philadelphia, PA
Pet Name: Beauty Sheba

We've been using Knightswood/VCA for 24yrs and five dogs! Been seeing Ellis/Deborah and Dr. Bob mostly who are ALL EXCELLENT. The staff is very caring and knowledgeable. Thanks for all you guys!

Happy Granddog

-Kelly Seibert from phila, PA
Pet Name: Cooper Seibert

I have been using VCA Knightswood for years now and had nothing but great experiences. But the best experience yet is the visit I made with my very sick grand-dog Cooper who is a 3 year old Great Dane that was diagnosed with a very serious heart condition that didn't look promising but thanks to Dr. Debbie and the right treatment at the right time my grand-dog is doing much better and living life to the fullest, thanks to the VCA Knightswood team!!!!

Nobody Does It Better

-Pat Lorenz from Hulmeville, PA
Pet Name: Molly

I usually don't comment on many things but I just had to take the time to thank Dr. Lee and the staff at VCA Knightswood. As soon as I walk through the door, the staff at the front desk (and I'm not going to name anyone in particular because each person does their job and does it well) are ALWAYS so pleasant -- they are a great group of girls who work well together and take the time to great each individual with a smile or a comforting word. I took my cat (Molly) to see Dr. Lee. Molly is 18 years old and has diabetes and gets insulin 2 times a day. Molly wasn't looking good, she was hiding, looking thin, not eating and I felt so bad for her and I thought "well, today is the day". So of course I was upset -- Dr. Lee came and examined Molly and after some discussion he said "why don't you give it 48 hours" -- so I took Molly back home and -- well -- that was almost 2 weeks ago. I'm so glad I took Dr. Lee's advice. Obviously it was up to me but something inside said "what's another 48 hours" -- and Dr. Lee was right. So thank you Dr. Lee and thanks to all the wonderful group of people at VCA. Keep up the good work. I wouldn't take Molly to anyone else but you. THANKS!!!