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My Lillygirl's First Visit

-Pat from Philadelphia, PA
Pet Name: Lillygirl

VCA animal hospital was awesome....the doctor that I had received care from and the staff was impeccable....they all have compassion for animals....it's not just a job for them....their interest is for you and your pet....kudos to VCA..

Patty and Lillygirl!

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-Tammy Smith from Philadelphia, PA
Pet Name: Taz Smith

We started to bring Taz when he was only 6 weeks old or so.He was covered in fleas but Dr. Rubin suggested a few things to try and they worked. Taz went on to live a very happy and healthy life till he was about 12 or so. But the staff at the office was amazing and so caring. Even when we were frantic they remained calmed. Taz passed away this year but thanks to the wonderful staff and Dr. Rubin we got to spend more time with our Tazman.

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Best Hospital EVER

-Stephanie from Philadelphia, PA
Pet Name: Buttons Turzanski

When I first got my dog, Button, 11 years ago, we went to an animal hospital that just didn't care about the animals. I felt like they only cared about the money. My neighbor had mentioned Knightswood and we've been going here ever since. The staff is so incredibly nice and helpful and the doctors are amazing. If anything were to happen to my puppy I know that she would be in good hands. VAC is such an amazing animal hospital that i wish I was a dog!

Through the years.

-Carmel Warner from Philadelphia, PA

I have had many cats come and go through the doors of this facility. Kittens to old koots. My animals were always treated with respect, even those that passed away were treated with dignity, and in some cases the doctors cried right along with me. It's always been about the animals, and all the doctors are the best. No matter how many more pets I have in this life, they will be going to Knightswood. Thank you!

Can't say enough good things

-Chrissy from Philadelphia, PA
Pet Name: Elmo

I can give so many examples of why Knightswood is the best but there is one example that stands out from the rest. I stupidly switched vets for a while. I knew something was wrong with my cat, but the vet I was seeing never ran a test or anything! Well, one day I came home and my cat couldn't even stand! I rushed him to Knightswood where they found out he had a urinary blockage. It almost killed him!! The very next day I gathered up all my animals records from the new vet & returned to Knightswood. That was about 5 years ago & I have never even had a thought of going elsewhere. The doctors and the ladies at the desk are the best!! Thank you Knightswood staff for always taking such great care of my babies!

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None Better

-Terri Betz from Philadelphia, PA
Pet Name: Barney

I have been coming here since 1987. From the first I was comfortable with the people and the care that was provided to all of my many pets. The people of Knightswood have helped me with all of them with the kindness that I have come to expect from my veterinary hospital.
I can't say enough about Dr. Debbie Rubin. She has supported me though so many trials with my animals and I have come to think of her as much more than just a "Vet".
And although I don't mean to slight anyone, I have to commend all the staff, but especially Peggy, Denise and Jeanette, who have also been very comforting when I have needed it the most. I continue to recommend Knightswood as the Animal hospital of choice because you won't find a more caring, compassionate choice anywhere else.

A Sincere Note of Thanks

-Alice DiGiacomo from Philadelphia,, PA
Pet Name: Jessie and Patches

To the wonderful caregivers,
Mere words would not be adequate
to describe my heartfelt appreciation
for the tender-loving care and genuine
concern that you gave to my animals.
Your wonderful team provided for
my dog Jessie and for my most recent loss my cat Patches. Please know of my
sincere appreciation and you will all
forever be in my thoughts and prayers!


-Carol Nigro from Philadelphia, PA
Pet Name: Roxi Nigro

I would just like to thank all entire staff at Knightswood for first of all taking the best care of our dog Roxi. Roxi passed away on Saturday at the age of 9 yrs. old but she lived a wonderful life. She had numerous medical problems over the years but came a long way. She was the best dog so caring and loving and we will truly miss her and I know the staff will miss her too.

Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts!!


-Marie and Henry D'Alessandro from Jamison, PA

Recently we had the sad task of giving our handsome and wonderful cat "SPICE" -to quote Dr. Rubin (Doc) "his freedom, peace and dignity." This was traumatic for us -- selfishly, we anticipated spending much more time with our Boy.

Spice was a big "quiet guy" - over-shadowed by his little sister -'Sugar' -
but not in this case - Dr.Rubin and Dr. Debbie gave him their undivided attention. His illness progressed so very rapidly - and one or the other (sometimes both) saw him just about every day for almost two weeks. When the decision was made - they were there along with the caring staff of VCA to lend their shoulders as well as their expertise to the very end. There are no words to express our sincere gratitude for their help. This, however, is something we have come to depend on and expect - as we have come to see them as our friends - not just our Veterinarians - Dr. Rubin for over the past 40 years and more recently with Dr. Debbie. They have been there for all of our great pets, and for us, in good times and sad. True Friends.

Our memories are still very fresh at this time and bring mixed emotions of joy and sadness. Some time will have to pass to dull the pain. We will continue to see everyone at VCA for the care of our "Sugar". Our wellness visits - are a time to catch up with 'FRIENDS'.

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Goodbye to our babies

-Carol Masterson from Philadelphia, PA
Pet Name: Bandana, Jughead, Wally, Mommy, Blackie, BigBoy

We have used Knightswood since before they became VCA. Dr. Debbie is truly one of the kindest, most genuine and special human beings on the planet. Our cats have been cared for by her and her staff over the years. Debbie cares deeply about your animal as if it was her own. Now, even after marriage and 2 kids she is still the most focused vet I have ever met. We have had to put three cats to sleep. The last one, Big Boy, was such a special cat. Debbie loved him almost as much as we did. He was a stray that was almost put down before he had much chance at life. Another vet tech told us since he was "feral" he needed to be put down. Living outside doesn't necessarily mean the cat is feral. This "feral" cat was literally eating out of my husband's hand in less than 6 weeks of attention and love. He also had FIV and ended up with throat cancer. We didn't want him to suffer needlessly so with Dr. Debbie's blessing we let him drift away. Believe me when I tell you people, you will NEVER find a more capable, caring or devoted vet than Dr. Debbie.