Client Services

  • Receptionist Supervisor

    Eileen Barthmaier

    Eileen was raised in Mayfair Philadelphia and graduated from St. Hubert's Catholic High School.  She joined our team in 1995 as a receptionist and holds the position as our reception supervisor.  She really enjoys working with animals and their owners and has a special interest in great customer service.  She may be loving on your pet's when you come in but she also receives lots of love from her two furry friends; "Kimba" who is a pitbull and "Gemini" who is a blue nose pitbull.  She also enjoys reading in her spare time and is always counting down the time to start reading her next book. 

    Why I do what I do:  I wholeheartedly love animals and the pet parents.  It gives me such joy to see our happy customers leave our practice with their pet in tow and them feeling at ease because we just helped their pet.

    Special Note:  Eileen is quite a gem.  We couldn't do what we do everyday without her help.  The compassion and care that she shows every pet is something that is heartwarming for anyone to see.  She is a huge part of our team and a huge asset to our practice.

  • Receptionist Supervisor

    Peggy Bellerjeau

    Peggy grew up in the Philadelphia area and graduated from the Penn Center Academy.  She joined our team in 1997 and currently holds the position as one of our reception supervisors. When she's not helping the many pets she comes in contact with and their pet parents she enjoys spending time at home with "Ashlyn" her one year old domestic short hair silver tabby.  She also enjoys just kicking back and enjoying life and has a passion for reading and watching great movies.

    Why I do what I do:   I knew from an early age that I wanted to help pet's just like they have always helped me.  It doesn't matter what type of day you're having they always find time to show and give you that unconditional love.  I also really enjoy helping in educating our clients on health awareness for every pet and just trying to do my part in making their lives a little easier so they don't have to bare the pain that I see some of our clients go through when they have a sick or ill pet.

    Special Note:  Peggy has been a huge asset to our team.  She enjoys spending time with our customers and making sure that we deliver the very best to every patient and our pet parents. 

  • Receptionist

    Kristin McCarthy
    School: Penn State University, BS Elementary Education

    Kristin attended Penn State University beginning in the Animal Science Field with the thought of fulfilling her life long dream.  After a couple of years at school, she realized that her compassion for animals would make it very difficult for her to perform surgery and to ultimately make the difficult decisions that veterinarians need to make at the end of an animal’s journey.  With that thought, she decided to change her direction toward elementary education. she earned a BS in Elementary Education and became a teacher right out of school but, she always regretted never fulfilling her dream of becoming a vet.  After having 2 children, she decided to change her career.  An opportunity presented itself at VCA Neshaminy Animal Hospital and she decided to jump on it.  She since transfered to another hospital and is now currently working between both VCA Knightswood and VCA Delaware Valley hospitals.  She's been with the company for over 5 years now and absolutely loves her job and the people she works with.  At home, her favorite job is to tend to her family consisting of 2 children "Mallory" and "Collin", her husband, and her many furry children including 3 dogs, Duncan, Nevada, and Sydney and a bunny named Cappuccino.  Her outside interests include camping, softball, and general family activities like hiking with the dogs at Tyler State Park.

    Why I do what I do:  As a child I always dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. After school and having a family I decided that it was time to fullfill my dream of working with animals.  I enjoy being able to help our clients and their pets on a daily basis.  It gives me great satisfaction knowing that I made a difference in that family's life.

    Special Note:  Kristin has only been with our hospital for a short time but came highly recommended by our sister hospitals.  She has brought alot to our hospital and our team and is a huge asset to our hospital.  She has this contagious personality. What a joy it is to work with her and be able to say she is part of our team.

  • Receptionist

    Jeanette Nesbitt

    Jeanette grew up in the Philadelphia area and graduated from Lincoln High School in 2003.  She currently holds the position as one of our receptionists.  She has two little one's at home, two shitzu's “Pop-a-waffle” and “Little guy” and One sun Conour- “Razzles”  she loves on all three of them all the time, you heard the saying you can't get enough of mylove, well it's very true in Jeanette's household.  In her spare time she really enjoy's gardening. Her special interest is nutrition, she feels that pet's will live longer when placed on a good proper diet.

    Why I do what I do:  I work in this field because I truly have a love for animals and want the very best for each one.  It gives me great safisfaction when a pet leaves our hospital and I know they were well taken care of.

    Special Note:  Jeanette has been with us quite a while and we have to admit that she makes our clients feel at ease when they come into our practice.  She is a fabulous person and has a great personality with a great smile that goes a long way.  We're so happy she joined our team years ago.