• Hospital Manager

    Karen Longo

    Karen grew up in Philadelphia and is a true native.  She joined VCA Knightswood Animal Hospital approximately 30 years ago.  She has always loved being involved with animals and the veterinary field.  She truly enjoys caring for animals and the pet parents and goes out of her way to always offer help and support to their customers.  She looks forward to working with the pets directly while working as a technician or interacting with their owners as the hospital manager. Karen enjoys working with the rescues as well, including Justice Rescue and Wet Nose Rescue. In her spare time she enjoys learning to speak french, playing guitar and reading. She most enjoys spending time with her family (two-legged and four-legged). 

    Why I do what I do:  I find the unconditional love of the animals most rewarding.  When you look in that pet parents eyes when you tell them that their furry friend is going to be ok is the best feeling, something you never get tired of seeing.  As hospital manager of VCA Knightswood Animal Hospital I welcome your comments and am always available to address your concerns. Thank you for choosing our hospital to care for your family member.

    Special Note:  Karen is the most caring individual with all pet parents and their loved furry friends.  This is not just a job to Karen as you can see by the amount of time she has been with VCA Knightswood, this is a passion of hers.  She is always looking for ways to make sure her customers are satisfied and well taken care of when they come to VCA Knightswood Animal Hospital.