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Published: Nov 02, 2011

According to VCA Animal Hospitals, one of the most common reasons a dog visits a veterinarian for an emergency situation is because of a bite. These can be caused by another family pet, or from a fight with an unfamiliar canine.

VCA reports that biting in dogs tends to stem back to puppyhood. Littermates often bite one another as a form of play. Usually this behavior decreases over time, so adult dogs that bite tend to have deeper motives or causes for inflicting pain.

No matter the reason behind the incident, a dog that's been bitten needs medical attention to make sure the wound is tended to properly and doesn't get infected. Other bites may need to be stitched up. Although some bites may seem like no big deal, VCA reports that it is impossible for an owner to tell the severity of a bite, as there could be internal bleeding or even a tooth from the other dog lodged in the wound. Dogs who have been in fights should be brought to the veterinarian health clinic immediately to check their overall pet health.

Once there, a vet will check out the wounds and determine what needs to be done. In most cases, antibiotics will be prescribed for any injury that penetrates the skin.