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Dental Surgery

-Kelly from Wilmington, DE
Pet Name: Angel

Dr. Laurie worked very hard prepping my dog for dental surgery and did an excellent job! Within 24 hours of the surgery, she was eating, barking, and bright-eyed with no after affects. I'm most grateful and appreciative to the veterinarians, technicians, and staff for all they did to help Angel! Thank you.

Thank You

-Kathy Kizar from Newark, DE

We are very Grateful & Thankful to have Dr. Kim A. Herrman. She is the Greatest she has been taking care of Kizar since puppyhood who is now a little senior.
Dr. Herrman continues to give Kizar the royal treatment. She is a true treasure displaying the highest level of commitment dedication dependability & professionalism. We also would like to Thank the desk Staff & the Techs. You are all the Greatest

Thank You So Much

-nancy reilly from wilmington, DE
Pet Name: teagan

I would like to thank everyone involved in the care of our lab Teagan for the past year. Your compassion and dedication toward her is amazing. Dr. Demarco is a gift to all animals. I would highly recommend this facility to everyone. I would also like to give a big shout out to my friend Linda! You rock!

Dr. Herrmann and staff

-Dawne from N ewark, DE

I have been a client of Kirkwood for 20 years or so. Dr. Herrmann has treated all of my pets through the years with the utmost professionalism, honesty and caring. She has taken care of my pets in the good times and when their health was not so good. I have come to value her opinion with my pets health even more than my own doctors with mine. I thank her and her wonderful, caring staff for all that they do. They go far and above.

Color Me Impressed

-Lillia G from Wilmington, DE
Pet Name: Dynah

My hubby and I just took our elderly girl, Dynah, here today for a free pre-dental checkup, and it was our first time ever at this office. We wanted to check them out for a dental for our girl, and as a possible new vet to take our fur kids to in the future. From the front desk staff, to the tech, to the vet herself, we were both really impressed with the level of genuine friendliness and customer service given to us and our baby girl. They talk to Dynah as well, not just to us, in a very kind tone. They listened, answered questions, and explained everything we needed to know about the dental procedure we were interested in. The entire staff were personable and easy to talk to, putting us at ease during the entire visit. Because of all this, we have decided to get her teeth thoroughly cleaned here very soon.
To be honest, I had recently looked at another vet office before this one for the dental procedure. I really liked the vet and tech there, both really nice, but met with a pretty rude receptionist at the desk afterward on my way out, which intimidated me a bit and turned me off to that place. Shame too, because it as so close to home. However, I don't mind driving a little out of the way for a great vet with a great staff. Thankfully, I found that here. No need to look any further, and that is much appreciated.
We will be bringing Dynah, as well as our other fur kids, here from now on. As long as they keep up the same level of great care and customer service we experienced today, we will happily become repeat clients. Thank you, VCA KAH, for your wonderful treatment of our girl Dynah, and her two guardians as well. ^__^

Pet Image

Excellent care and fantastic staff

-Jaclyn from Newark, DE
Pet Name: Shi

I adopted my three year old, Shi, from a rescue group in Sept. She was deaf from chronic ear infections that had never been taken care of, and was toothless as well. Despite what she had gone through before we found this sweetheart, she still loved to head-butt people for scratches and belly rubs! We've recently moved to the area, and I was nervous about finding a good vet for her. Within a week of us moving to our new house, Shi managed to hurt her tail. I made an appointment with the VCA Kirkwood Animal Hospital, and they were absolutely fantastic!! They showed that they really cared about my kitty as well as myself. I love that all the staff involved took the time to say hi to Shi, give her pets, (though it's hard not too since she's such a cutie!) as well as give her a full checkup during our visits. You guys are fantastic, and I can't express how great you are in taking care of both Shi and I.

Wonderful care, wonderful staff

-Debbie Englehart from Wilmington, DE
Pet Name: Josie Rose

We recently got our daughter a lab puppy - a gift for her 21st birthday. There was no question where we would turn to for vet care for Josie Rose. Dr. Herrman and the great staff have welcomed us back and treated us and Josie well. Josie just had her spay surgery on Friday and the care was exemplary! You'd never know she even had surgery...she is back to her usual antics already. Every time we leave Kirkwood Animal Hospital, one of us invariably says, "They are all just so nice there!" - and it's true - nice and knowledgeable. There is no place else for us!


-Bobbie Deighan from Newark, DE
Pet Name: Belle

Our loving dog Belle was taken to this facility after being struck by a car on Kirkwood Hwy. The staff and doctors there were so compassionate and kind. Unfortunately our Belle did not make It but we found peace knowing that when she passed she was surrounded by such loving people. I can never thank them enough for the wonderful care and effort they gave to our Belle. Forever grateful, The Deighans

Pet Image

Eternally grateful

-Jessica from Wilmington, DE
Pet Name: LP

I want to commend the staff at VCA KAH- you guys are incredible! When I made the first phone call concerned about my sick cat, your receptionist was very helpful and polite. When I got there, I didn’t have to wait long before being seen. When I had to put down my older cat, your staff was so warm and caring. She was treated kindly and respectfully. Thank you for taking care of my cat and explaining procedures in a way that I could understand. I will always remember the kindness we received at VCA KAH.

Compassionate and caring staff

-Sandy F from Wilmington, DE
Pet Name: Buddha

I would like to thank Drs. DeMarco, Hermann, and the entire staff of VCA Kirkwood for the compassionate care provided to my bestest, buddy pal Buddha yesterday. The care provided by you allowed me to have some extra time with Buddha that I may not have had otherwise. While I would have given anything I own to have more time with was not to be. I take great comfort in knowing that in his final moments that he was surrounded by people that cared for him almost as much as me. When he was returned to us, he was wrapped in his favorite blanket. We buried him in his favorite spot in our yard. Hopefully, his days now are warm and filled with sunshine. I am also comforted in the knowledge that his suffering has finally ended and that he is in a better place, hopefully, with his pal Beanie. Yesterday afternoon, we went for a walk and upon our return, an orange butterfly flew out of the hedge in front of my home, fluttered over our heads and flew away. I believe that was Buddha saying good-bye and letting us know that he was ok. I will remember that butterfly for the rest of my life. I cry now because he is gone, but tomorrow I will smile because he was here...