Veterinary Support

  • Technician Manager

    Jade McGlothlin

    Jade has been at VCA Kickingbird Animal Hospital sine October 2013.  Some of Jade’s hobbies include reading, sewing and quilting. She is involved in the Oklahoma Veterinary Technician Association, National Association Veterinary technicians in America, and she leads a book club. Jade shares her home with her husband and son. They also have their fury friends Lydia: Labrador, Grace: Bloodhound, Sully: cat, Pippa: chinchilla, and Gertie: cockatiel. Jade says what she enjoys most about her job is educating owners to be able to provide excellent healthcare for their pets.

  • Technician

    Bobbi Roomsburg

    Bobbi started working at VCA Kickingbird Animal Hospital in April 2014. Bobbi was raised in Edmond and graduated from OSU-OKC. She is a member of the Oklahoma Medical Corps Responders and Wounded Warrior. Bobbi and her husband Robert have two girls and five pets which include a Dachshund, a Rottweiler, Quarter Horse, and two cats. She enjoys horseback riding, going to church and spending time with her family. What she loves most about this job is working with all of the animals and providing needed medical services. 

  • Technician

    Emily Zabrecky
    Veterinary Tech School: Delgado Community College

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Kimberly Endres

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Heather Martin

    Heather has been at VCA Kickingbird Animal Hospital since 2003. Heather was raised in Harrah, Oklahoma and attended St Gregory's University an University of Central Oklahoma were we received bachelor's degree in Biology. Some of Heather’s hobbies include: Science & Science Fiction, gaming, reading, and enjoying the outdoors. She shares her home with her Husband Brandon, Daughter Dawn, and their pets: two felines Erasmus & Katniss. Heather enjoys working at VCA Kickingbird Animal Hospital because of educating clients on the care of their pets.

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Cherlyn Simpson
    Veterinary Tech School: OSU-OKC (currently attending)

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Jason Wiebelt

    Jason started at VCA Kickingbird Animal Clinic in April 2011.He was raised in Crescent, Oklahoma. His family includes mother Nancy, father Robert, sisters Christina & Kimberly and nephews and niece Aiden, Austin, and Sarah. He shares his home with his fury friends: two German Shepherds, Brandi and Cash. He also has a collection of arachnids that include 12 tarantulas and 2 scorpions. Jason’s hobbies and interests include MMA, music, cars, and most importantly his family and animals. The most fulfilling things about his job are working with such amazing people and giving pets a home-away-from-home, while they are here.  

  • Nutrition Consultant

    Dustin Davis

    Dustin has been at VCA Kickingbird Pet Store and Supply Center since 1998 and is currently our Store Manager. His hobbies include wake skiing, hanging out at the lake, and taking vacations with his girlfriend Kelli. Dustin also is an entrepreneur starting his own business:” Davis Constrictors”, specializing in captive bred Pythons and Boa Constrictors. His business includes several species and many color mutations such as albino, cinnamon, pastel, leucistic, piebald, and his biggest project is his Silver Boa Project. Dustin says he enjoys helping people find the pet that suits them best, educating them on the husbandry of their pet so they take the best care of it, and have the best fit for them and their family.