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Published: Apr 11, 2011

Many people will be taking vacations this spring and summer, often to far-off locations. For pet parents, it can be difficult to leave the cat or dog behind, and many opt to bring them along on the trip. However, it's essential to keep pet health in mind when traveling with an animal companion, particularly if the trip involves a flight.

A recent article in The Sacramento Bee offered some tips for pet owners taking trips in the near future. The news source recommends checking with the airline to ensure that there is space for a pet on board the plane.

Pet guardians should inquire about the costs and fees associated with bringing a pet along, and also ask about their available options. Most airlines allow for two animals to be on board each flight - one in the cargo hold and one in the cabin.

Putting an animal in the cargo hold also raises a number of concerns. Hot or cold temperatures can pose a serious threat to an animal's health, so pet parents may want to think twice before selecting this option.

According to, pets may be more comfortable during the flight if they have a towel or blanket in their carrier. Additionally, it may be wise to take pets to a veterinarian to make sure they are in good health before embarking on a trip.