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A poem in tribute to my pet recently treated at KB

-Susan V. Walton from Bedford Hills, NY

Bonded for Life

There’s an invisible bright thread
linking human to pet. You can see it
in the waiting room of the emergency
vet, when the loudspeaker
calls for “Emma’s Mom,” or
“Jake’s Dad,” and folks rush
to the pair of doors marked
“Staff Only,” eyes alight again,
near the “Lost Dog” signs.

It’s manifest in the dog park,
which you want to avoid now,
because healthy dogs circle each other,
leashes off, and at a whistle, dash
to their owners for treats.
This bright thread suddenly
declares itself in the posture
of the poodle, sitting tall outside
the half-open door to the nail salon,
while her mom gets a pampering.
It whispers in contented sighs
of the labrador, settling down by the road
while his human greets a neighbor, or
from the tabby who follows the sun,
purring on the porch, till her alter-ego
comes home, then she slips inside.

Leaving the animal hospital at night
after praying goodbye, you know you need
to spin out that bright thread
like a filament of hope,
keeping the belief aglow that soon
you’ll reunite.
And when you visit, you look deep into
those soft dulled eyes, willing them
to light up again.
Then at last, when you finally
bring your cherished
Other Self home,
you sleep ever so lightly,
tugged by that bright, bright thread.

Susan V Walton, copyright 2012

Completely satisfied with my experience

-Daniella from Katonah, NY
Pet Name: Cat

I am completely satisfied with my experience. Each member of the staff acted professionally. Dr. Duffy was extremely professional and relatable. I've scheduled our next appointment with her. She has a very kind personality! I trust her already!

It was perfect

-Joseph from Brewster, NY
Pet Name: Dog

It was perfect! Everyone gives 319 percent. Karen and Jessy were very personable and took care of me right away.

My experience was great.

-Mitze from Yonkers, NY
Pet Name: Dog

My experience was great. Dr. Duffy is the best! I can't ask for a better doctor for my family. I drive over an hour to see her and I would drive longer if I had to so that I can stay with her. She is a caring and compassionate person and she takes such good care of my dogs.

My new puppy Molly

-Patricia from Brookfield, CT
Pet Name: Dog Molly

The staff was very efficient with my new puppy Molly.

I was about to give up, but everybody there wasn't

-John from Elmsford, NY
Pet Name: Dog Rogue

I consider Rogue's recovery a miracle in part and the staff at KB vets were responsible for this to happen. I was about to give up but everybody there wasn't. Rogue went from his death bed to almost a puppy again and made many people very happy. God bless all. The only thing you could have better served us is an all you can eat barbeque with unlimited free beer and dog biscuits.

Pleased with every aspect of my experience

-Maddie from Ossining, NY
Pet Name: Cat Callie

I am very pleased with every aspect of my experience with you all. I especially appreciate the care and information I have received from Dr. McKean. His follow-through on the phone after our visit is more attention than I am used to received from my own specialists so am very impressed. My Callie is in good hands...all around. Thanks for asking for my feedback! I would like to compliment Dr. McKean. He has such a great combination of expertise with the client touch needed in caring for we pet owners. I feel he pitches information to me just the way I want to hear it. His way of problem-solving - one step at a time - is particularly reassuring to me so I know we will get to the root cause of my pet's problems. I feel my cat and myself are in very good hands!

The doctors and staff at KBVC are top notch

-Nancy from Garrison, NY
Pet Name: Dog Theo

The doctors and staff at KBVC are top notch and really show they care for a client's pet as well as treat the client with courtesy and compassion. I can't think of any suggested improvements at this time. I always come away feeling that my pet has been well cared for. There are so many folks who do a superb job that it is hard to name everyone. The receptionists Karen, Joanie, Janice just to name a few. And then there are the handlers and Vet Techs -- I'm afraid most names escape me at the moment, but those who helped care for Theo during his surgery and post surgery are of particular note. And last but not least, Chris always has a great way with animals and words.

Our visit was very pleasurable

-Margaret and Bob from Carmel, NY
Pet Name: Dog Rough and Tumble

Our visit was very pleasurable! Your staff is very efficient and friendly. We were taken right on schedule, treated professionally, and like friends!!! Everyone we came in contact with took a few minutes to greet us and and made Rough and Tumble feel like celebrities! Everyone is friendly, but Dr. Duffy is tops in our book!! We feel safe and secure when we bring our dogs in, always have a few laughs with her; she treats Rough and Tumble like movie stars, and we feel her advice is exactly what she would do for her Newfoundland.

Pet Image

I am so grateful

-Teresa from Stormville, NY
Pet Name: Ginger

I am forever grateful to the wonderful Doctors Porter and Palamara and the entire staff for the excellent care they gave to my puppy Ginger. They literally saved her life. They not only took great care of her but were all so patient and kind to me during such a stressful situation. Everything was explained thoroughly to me. Everyone was so accessible and friendly!! Thank you so much!!!