• Hospital Director

    Wayne Marques

    Wayne Marques is a graduate of Damian Memorial High School and holds an Associate Degree from Cannon's Business College.

    His veterinary career started over 25 years ago as a veterinary technician in a three-doctor practice. Now, he is the manager of VCA Family Animal Hospital, a full service veterinary hospital -- including specialty and emergency services with 15 practicing veterinarians and oversees all VCA Hawai'i Hospitals.

    Wayne is also the proud father of 5 French Bulldogs, a cat, and a menagerie of birds. His favorite motto is, "Think outside the box." 

  • Office Manager

    Holly Po'omaihealani

    - Worked from July 1995 at Kaneohe Pet Health Center and VCA Kaneohe Animal Hospital after the purchase of Kaneohe Pet Health Center in 1995.

  • Administrative Assistant

    Karol Yamamoto

    - Joined VCA Kaneohe Animal Hospital in October 2000.