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Published: Oct 18, 2011

Moving can be an exciting time for people as it may offer a fresh start. However, moving a family dog can be stressful for the pet, because canines are creatures of habit. VCA Animal Hospitals report that owners can make certain changes prior to the move to help their dogs feel more at ease when the big day arrives.

VCA suggests that when packing, owners should keep the boxes out of their dog's sight and keep all their toys, dog food and their dog bed in the same places, waiting until the day of the move to pack them up in order to avoid confusion or concern. Older dogs, or dogs suffering from chronic illnesses, may take the move harder than younger dogs. In this case, owners may want to talk to their veterinarian to discuss starting the dog on anxiety medication to help it relax during the transition.

Once at the new home, owners should set up the dog's supplies in a similar arrangement to its old abode. This means that if a dog slept in the living room and ate in the kitchen, then setting up its food and bed in corresponding rooms of the new home may help it feel more at ease. Being more affectionate to the animal during the transition can also assure it that it will be staying with its family no matter where they go, reports.