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    Erika Hughes

    I'm Erika Hughes, and I am Client Care Specialist. I come to work everyday because I know if I can make a difference in just one animals life, I've done my job. Many animals come to the hospital sick or injured and if can relieve some of their parents worries I have done my job. Our pets are our family and our doctors will care for your family as if the were their own. Our animals give us a better life and we should do everything we can to make sure their health is a top priority.

  • Client Service

    Chris McIntyre

    Hi there! My name is Christine McIntyre and I am your Client Care Representative. I'm writing this short note to thank all of our clients and pets for bringing amazing joy you bring to my work day. I truly enjoy connecting with all of you; most of all observing the love and compassion that you show to your pets. It's true, our darling pets bring out the best in us in so many ways. WE LOVE your pets too and this is why I enjoy working at VCA Imperial Point Animal Hospital.

  • Client Service

    Sherry Michaels

    My name is Sherry Michaels. I have been a Client Care Specialist at VCA Imperial Point for over a year. I always come to work with a positive attitude and I have a true passion for animals. I choose to work in the animal care field because of her love for all animals. At home I have 1 dog and 2 cats: Sadie, Teddy and Aspen.