VCA Hualapai Animal Hospital Testimonials

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-Claire Parker from Lad Vegas, NV
Pet Name: Snickers

In September I brought my 13 year old yorkie, Snickers, into VCA Hualapai Animal Hospital and was immediately greeted by the friendly girls up front. This was my first time at this hospital and right away I felt really comfortable. I explained to the receptionists that Snickers had been slowing down a lot in her old age and that she wasn't eating as much lately. Once they got all of my information entered into their system I was seen by the nurse who took Snickers temperature and asked me a couple of questions. Dr. Strobeck then came in and listened as I explained how Snickers seemed to be slowing down a bit. He recommended doing some senior blood work and x-rays to check Snickers over. We also talked about a new food and some medication to help Snickers move a bit easier. I decided we would do the blood work, but wait on the x-rays.

The next day I received a phone call from Dr. Strobeck telling me that Snickers blood work results looked pretty good for a dog her age! He told me that we should start Snickers on a medication called Rimadyl to help with her arthritis and recheck her blood work in a few months.

Although Snickers will probably be on Rimadyl forever, she is back to herself again. I would more then recommend VCA Hualapai Animal Hospital to all of my friends! They really have made Snickers and my life so much better.

Pet Image

Twilight Years

-June from Las Vegas, NV

If you're lucky, your pets live into their twilight years with you. I have had that good fortune, despite very cruel and challenging beginnings for both my cats, Blue and Oreo. After many years they came to trust and settle into a happy life. Now in their senior years, they both have chronic problems. During these trying times, I am especially grateful for the compassion, knowledge and skills of all the staff at VCA Hualapai Animal Hospital. With many emergencies and new developments Blue and Oreo have been seen by all the vetinarians. They've guided Blue and Oreo's medical care expertly and have always been most patient with my questions, and prompt in returning any phone calls. My respect, though, doesn't end there. The front office customer service reps and the vet techs are bar none the best. They are skilled, efficient, friendly and gracious. Having to be in their facility at least twice weekly, they make sure I am in and out of there as quickly as possible, and for that I am most appreciative. I am greeted warmly and my pets taken back quickly. I have made requests of both the front office and the techs in back and they've all been concientious in meeting my requests for the needs of my cats. Thank you all for making Blue's and Oreo's twilight years easier.

Great service

-Natalie from Las Vegas, NV
Pet Name: Stretch and Sneaker

I have two dachshunds, Stretch 7 and Sneaker 5 1/2, who are my babies. I have been taking them to VCA Hualapai for the past year now and have to commend the hospital staff on their jobs well done. Dr. Saponas and Dr. Iodence have both seen my dogs and were extremely thorough with ear infections and most recently an anal gland abscess that scared the daylights out of me. The doctors here don't just diagnose at a glance or pump unnecessary medications into your pet. They take the time to analyze the situation and even have great compassion in doing so. My mother has a black lab, 13 now, who had chronic ear infections his whole life. After going through 3 other vets, Dr. Saponas figured out in one office visit that he was allergic to his dog food. He has been ear infection free for over 3 years now. It is this kind of service and knowledge that keep me going to them.

Our Heartfelt Thanks

-Deb Blomstrann from Las Vegas, NV

We have been Clients of VCA Hualapai for nearly 8 years. Not only expert and intuitive care, but compassion, kindness, and love are the Hallmarks of their practice. From Ashlie, Erin, Jayna, et al at the front desk; the Techs & Nurses; Francie, our Groomer; to our wonderful Doctor Saponas, it has been a privilege to be your Client.