VCA Holly Street Animal Hospital Testimonials

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excellent, sensitive care

-tracy from san carlos, CA
Pet Name: max

two amazing vets (dr walker and dr christensen) gave our 5-year old golden max excellent care during a very scary time. max was in great health but suddenly became very ill (hindquarters gave out, bloody nose, etc.). very sadly, he died within 5 days. but the vets and all the staff were amazing, sensitive, professional, etc. we miss max terribly but i know he wasn't in any pain and was not afraid. thank you holly street!

The Most Care Our Kitties Have Ever Had

-Barb Berens from Redwood City, CA

We are so pleased with Dr. Annie Walker because she really cares about our kitties. She has been caring for them for years, in fact she was the vet for our last two before these we have now and her love for cats and gentle care as they age is beyond amazing. We are so grateful that we can trust her with our precious little ones.

Dr. Blazier

-lorraine from san carlos, CA

this is a great hospital. the staff is very loving and caring. Dr. Blazier is great she has treated both my ferrets, she is personable, easy to talk to and she explains everything in English meaning not using big words. Many vets i have encountered can have excellent rapport with animals but have no tact with people. Holly treats the pet and the family as a whole. I am very pleased with my experience, but hope i don't have to deal with real bad illnesses for a real long time.

Pet Image

Dr Fischer and Dr. Christensen

-Michelle Reynolds from Redwood City, CA
Pet Name: Chaos,Oreo, Larry, Hasani

have been going here since 2000-something...I have had two cats (now deceased) and now have two new kittens I have adopted from the Humane society.
My sister brings her cats to Dr. Walker, and I always ask For Camille Fischer. My cat Chaos passed away in May, and his companion cat Oreo passed...I had to have him euthanized last week. Dr Christianson was the one who had to do it....Dr Fisher wasn't available. He was sweet. personable, knowledgeable and most of all caring. A week later, today, I got a sympathy card from Dr Christenson. WOW. I cried...did NOT expect that. I wish he were my new kittens doctor, but Dr Fisher is so good I don't see a reason to switch. Cant I have two veterinarians, please? Please? Great doctors here! Holly street Pet hospital, please keep it up! Bless you Dr. Fischer and Dr Christianson. What good people


-lorraine sevilla from san carlos, CA
Pet Name: Ladron

I fell in love with Dr. Blasier right a way at my first visit. She was so gentle with my ferret. She explains everything in a very clear way. She is prompt in calling back.

The staff is great, polite. I told Dr. Blasier I had some disabilities and she is patient to repeat and explain to me so I understand. I felt respect here. I worked for a vet and felt like I was disrespected for having disabilities which caused her to be quite impatient.