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  • Client Service

    Janice B.

    At VCA we are given the opportunity to work with a group made up of very caring and dedicated doctors and staff. We have the ability to help our clients and their pets by providing the highest quality medicine and care.

    I am very proud of our partnership with the Humane Society of Broward County which results in more pets being able to be adopted and cared for by our community.

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    Courtney C

    I have been a vegan for most of my life, so it is safe to say I am quite the animal lover! Being the pet enthusiast I am, I believe VCA to be the perfect fit for me and I could not be happier having a career revolved around animals. I am the proud Mom of my Majestic long haired cat Armin, who has always been taken care of by our amazing groomer Gail and my new baby kitten Chino! VCA Hillsboro has taken care of my family's pets for many years before I even became a part of this incredible team!

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    Tracey C.

    I love working with animals and am proud to do my part through VCA Hillsboro!

    It is also so nice to be part of a team that helps a sick pet become well again. There is nothing like seeing the love and happiness of an owner when their pet is healthy and happy!

  • Client Service

    Ron H

    I have always dreamed of a career in animal care. VCA, is allowing me to fulfill that dream. I enjoy meeting all the people and their animal companions. It is a great feeling working in an environment where the goal is to enrich the health and well being of the pets that bring us so much happiness. I especially like it when we get to spend some "play time" with our four-legged guests.