Coconut Creek Pet Grooming & Boarding

  • Kennel Assistant

    Chris L.

    It's simple really... I love working with animals!  I enjoy the fact that I have a job where I get to spend time taking care of and playing with our patients whether they are boarding in our kennel,  in treatment with the doctors, or having a checkup in our exam rooms.

    My co-workers really are my second family!

  • Kennel Assistant

    Cathryn P

    Since I was a young girl I've always had animals of all shapes and sizes, from horses to snakes!  As a result, all of my current animals are rescues either from the street or from a shelter and they have all developed into wonderful companions. I work at VCA Hillsboro to provide the best care possible to any animal that walks through our door, and treat them like they are my own!

  • Kennel Assistant

    Devin S.

    I've always had an affinity for animals, and my family has always told me that I am naturally good with them. My biggest inspirations are my favorite movie, Ace Ventura; and my father, who was a Vet tech for part of his life. I believe this is where I acquired my love for animals.

  • Groomer

    Gail B.

    I've had a very strong love for animals since I was a child. Anytime I could rescue, save or help an animal I did and loved how it made me feel. At 16 I discovered the world of grooming. I was elated to find out that I could help dogs and cats feel and look better and make a career out of it!

    When a dog is released from grooming and I see him/her standing tall, wagging his/her tail and feeling great I know I have done my job. To see the excitement and appreciation of the owner is an added bonus!