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VCA Hillcrest Compassionate Care

-Tracie Livermore from San Diego, CA
Pet Name: Jazz

My 18-year-old cat, Jazz, was diagnosed in April, 2009 with cancer. Doctor Olson cared for him until leaving to have her baby. Then Doctor Clifton took over. Both Doctors showed so much kindness, understanding compassion. When tough decisions had to be made, the Doctors and staff were extremely supportive. Jazz went to his peace on January 15, 2010. It was a long and emotional process for our family. Everyone on staff made us feel that Jazz was important to them and understood how much I love him. I can't think of a better place for my beloved friend to have found his peace. I will always be grateful to EVERYONE at VCA Hillcrest.

Compassionate Care

-Shirlee Gibbs from San Diego, CA
Pet Name: Moose and Matilda

I have taken my dogs to Dr. Kinshella for over 20 years and his kindness and expertise always impresses me. He treats Moose, my 140 lbs. gentle giant of a dog, as the unique and amazing dog that he is! I know I can rely on Dr. Kinshella for state-of-the-art treatment and health management every time. The technicians and support staff are also top notch and very professional. They are all the best!

Expertise and Kindness

-Leona Heraty from San Diego, CA
Pet Name: Miranda

My husband, Steve, and I have been taking our cats to Dr. Craig Kinshella since 1997 and we are so impressed with his expertise and his gentle and kind manner with our cats. He and his staff are awesome! When I have questions about my cats and I call and leave a message for Dr. Kinshella, his staff is always very nice, and they always deliver the message to him. Dr. Kinshella always calls me back in a timely manner and also calls me to follow-up after my cats have had any procedures.

On November, 14, 2009, unfortunately, Steve and I had to have our beloved cat, Miranda, age 14, put to sleep, as her kidneys were failing and she was suffering. Dr. Kinshella had the day off, so we brought Miranda into the office and met with Dr. Kenna Clifton. Dr. Clifton performed the euthanasia with kindness, gentleness and compassion. She explained to us thoroughly how the process would work, and let us hold our dear girl while she administered the shot, and Miranda passed peacefully away, and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and into the hands of God.

As you can imagine, after Miranda passed away, we were so distraught that Dr. Clifton suggested that we leave through a side door, so we wouldn't have to go through the lobby, and that they would send us the bill later, as I was in tears and we could barely make it out the door in one piece. I really appreciated this thoughtfulness in our time of distress.

Several days later, I received a lovely handwritten note from Dr. Kinshella and Dr. Clifton, both expressing their sadness on Miranda's passing and they both said that we and Miranda were in their thoughts and prayers. This touched our hearts more than they will ever know. I thank them and their wonderful staff so much for their gentle acts of compassion, kindness and for their knowledge and dedicated teamwork.

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First time dog owner...

-LeeVi from San Diego, CA
Pet Name: Samurai

I have been with VCA for over several years. I was a cat person and as they progressed in age I, unfortunately, lost them (Yomhom and and sister from the same litter). Today I am the proud owner of my very FIRST dog...SAMURAI!!! I rescued him from the shelter and he rescued me from my illness. Thank you VCA for taking care of US!!! In the attached photo you'll see that Samurai partied like a ROCKSTAR on his recent birthday :)

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-Lara Pollock from San Diego, CA
Pet Name: Tabbie

I was a first time pet owner. Tabbie was a persian cat that I adopted from the San Diego Human Society. When I adopted her she was 6 pounds and barely eating. When I first adopted her she was very sick with multiple infections... yeast, bacterial and respiratory infections. She also suffered from a rough bout with stomach issues... vomiting a lot. The VCA Hillcrest animal center helped me out so many times... there are just no words... Dr. Clifton is amazing...I would recommend her to anyone and I have in the past. She was Tabbies main doctor and has helped her with so many illness', it would be impossible to list on this testimonial. Dr. Olson is also amazing. When Tabbie was near death with a bad Respiratory infection last May... she put her in the hospital and literally a few hours later Tabbie was back to her ways. Dr. Noyes diagnosed Tabbie after she fell off a chair accidentally. She helped her to identify what exactly happened and what problems developed from the fall. I guess what I mean is overall, to be a first time pet owner... if I did not have these people I would have never had my Tabster as long as I did. Also the staff is amazing. The techs, Audrey and Lelani are amazing... and the receptionists are like angles... Rose, Sara and Lisa thank you so much for all your support and help. I would recommend this vet to anyone.

I love this place

-Amy from San Diego, CA
Pet Name: Jasmine

As many have already said, VCA Hillcrest is one of the most compassionate and kind veterinary hospitals I have ever been to. Dr. Clifton is a saint and so are all of the office staff. I had to put my beautiful cat to sleep and it was one of the most difficult times of my life. It eased my sadness to be treated with such warmth and respect by Dr. Clifton and her staff. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.