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Everyone at VCA Highlands Cares

-Becky Porter from Gray, TN
Pet Name: Kady

The doctors and staff at VCA Highlands Animal Hospital are the most knowledgeable, caring and compassionate that I have ever known. They treat my dogs like members of my family, not just as a pet or animal. The care and concern shown for the well-being of my dogs and me have gone beyond my expectations for veterinary health care. Every member of the staff with which I have had contact, including the technicians and groomers, all greet the girls and me by name, which shows the importance they place on making everyone welcome and comfortable in that setting. I really can't say enough good things about everyone at VCA Highlands. I wouldn't trust the care of my 'girls' to just anyone, but I feel so comfortable in bringing them to Highlands. The care and concern that everyone showed when I lost Maggie was beyond believable; and the joy that everyone shared with me when I brought Kady and Lilli to the office the first time was heartwarming. Thanks a million times for everything.

Snowy Night

-Rita Jo Porter from Coeburn, VA
Pet Name: Tucker

I have been a client at VCA for at least 20 years. They have always been there for me regardless of the time of day or night. One snowy night well after hours, as with most emergencies, I had a dog in congestive heart failure. The weather was terrible, snow was quickly covering the highway but when I called the emergency number the doctor on call was there for me. Despite the fact it took us twice the amount of time to make the journey he was there waiting for us. This my friends is peace of mind.

We have seen many of our fur children lives extended lives because of the excellent care they have received from the staff at VCA Highlands Animal Hospital.

RJ Porter
Coeburn, VA

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Went Above and Beyond for Pie-Pie

-Jessica Street from Bristol, VA
Pet Name: Pie-Pie

Our 2 year old Sheltie, Pie-Pie, became suddenly ill on a Saturday morning. Pie-Pie's vet office was closed and after searching on the internet, we found VCA Highlands.

They took her right in and cared for our Pie like family, not a patient. They called post-office hours with updates. Unfortunately, Pie-Pie went into complete kidney failure and at 11:30 pm, Dr. Hill called and asked what we would like to do. Pie-Pie was humanely euthanized and placed in a safe place until we could pick her up. It was the hardest thing we have had to do but VCA Highlands comforted us so much. We have another dog, Pearl, who will now be a client for life at VCA Highlands.


-Cindy from Abingdon, VA
Pet Name: Abigail Dickenson

The staff at Highlands VCA always goes above and beyond expectations in the care of our blind diabetic basset hound. It is such a comfort to know that she is so well taken care of and her needs are met with such kindness and concern. Dr. Robinson provides so much information and help-she has made this journey possible. Thanks so much for everything!

Thank you for your compassion

-Dennis and Linda from Abingdon, VA
Pet Name: Licorice

We were forced to make a very difficult decision to have one of our dogs euthanized. She was suffering and no longer had any quality of life. Although we knew what had to be done, we really struggled with it. I cannot tell you how much it meant to get not one, but two phone calls from the vet to be sure we were okay. The staff was equally wonderful. Thank you for helping us through a horrible time.

Scared for Rowdy

-Melissa Dozier from Marion, VA
Pet Name: Rowdy

I have a German Shepard mix puppy that is mine and my sons. He got really sick on Sat. and I tried everything I knew to do for him myself, but he got worse day by day...I took him in Tue. (9-21-10) and he was really bad..he couldn't even stand up..when I laid him on the table he went completely limp and it took them about 10 sec. to have him on a table in the back and a vet. Dr. Mask working on him! They were wonderful!! I called a million times over the next couple of days not to mention them calling me to inform me of what they had found and what was going on with him that day...they never complained or told me to stop calling... we were even able to visit him..when Dr Mask found out what was wrong, she said he had Parvo! It broke my heart because everything I ever heard about this disease was the chances were slim to none for survival. I was heartbroken! But on Fri. (9-24-10) He was back in my arms and home wagging his tail and very much alive! I cannot thank them enough for everything they did!! And the way they treated us like family!! When they would talk about Rowdy, they didn't act like he was just another dog coming in..they were truly concerned and treated him like part of their family..Dr Mask even kissed him on the nose and said love you...before we left!! Again I cannot thank them enough and I am a member of their family for life as they are now a member of mine!!

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Calm and Competence in an Emergency

-Sarah Raskin and John Kerl from Big Stone Gap, VA
Pet Name: Scout

The VCA Highlands staff, in particular Dr. Matt Mink and technicians Sharon and Kayla, are among the most competent and personable I have ever known in my fifteen years of pet ownership.

On the evening of July 20 2010 my beloved dog Scout incurred a complex injury to her rear left leg and ankle joint after she was hit by a speeding car in our residential neighborhood in Big Stone Gap. Being newly-returned to this area, I was panic-stricken over what to do � I hadn't yet identified a veterinarian to give Scout routine care, and I'd become used to living in bigger cities with many nearby emergency vet options. I found VCA Highlands online and was delighted that Dr. Mink was able to see us right away. He treated us with respect, calm, empathy, good decision-making, humility and honesty about his status as a younger vet, and, ultimately, high quality care. He has remained our veterinarian ever since, in spite of the far distance between my home and VCA Highlands.

Throughout Scout's 14 weeks of treatment and rehabilitation Dr. Mink and his technicians, in particular Sharon and Kayla, were an absolute joy to work with. They answered my every question thoroughly and patiently, whether in person or by phone. They indulged my "nerdier" side (I'm a medical anthropologist) by explaining clinical information in great detail and allowing me into the treatment room to see Scout's progress and feel comforted by seeing how she "behaved" under anesthesia. They coordinated with vets in four other cities when Scout and I had to make some pre-scheduled travel, in order to maintain her splint changes and, later, cast placement on schedule. And when those veterinarians questioned my decision to travel at all, or allow Scout some small amount of exercise, Dr. Mink helped me regain my confidence in decision to not restrain her for the 3+ months of treatment by reminding me that we had to treat her as an individual, and that her personality would not or could not respond well to such an restrictive approach. Sensitive to the high cost of Scout's treatment-over-time plus the travel costs that I incurred Dr. Mink waived his fee a couple of times, a courtesy for which I, as a graduate student, am so grateful.

Scout has since made what seems like as full a recovery as possible. She'll never have full use of her leg again, but she's darn close! Dr. Mink's elation at her recovery was palpable, as was his bittersweet acknowledgment that he wouldn't be seeing her routinely. I was impressed by how clear his investment in her was�is.

In closing I want to reiterate my gratitude for VCA Highlands, and for Dr. Brinson, for hiring and supervising such a wonderful staff. I look forward to many more years of relationship with VCA Highlands.


-Sydney Covert from Bristol, VA
Pet Name: Ellynn

On December 9 my little 12 year old poodle was hurt in an accident. I took her to VCA Highlands and even it being my first time there. I was treated with kindness and compassion by the staff and Dr. Mask, I felt like they felt my hurt and my being so scared for her. Dr. Mask told me to call if I wanted to check on her thru the night, and I did, the next day the tech called and so did Dr. Mask. I got to go see Ellynn after her surgery . So thank you to the doctors, the techs and the employees who all help Ellynn and me that terrible night in December. Ellynn is doing fine, thanks to the care and professional caring she received from the staff..

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Hypothyroid Callie

-Meghan Tolliver from Glade Spring, VA
Pet Name: Callie

When my lab/pit bull mix started having severe skin issues and gaining weight, my husband and I took her everywhere trying to get to the root of her problem. Our vet (at the time) suggested that we take her to Virginia Tech, where they ran blood tests and did an exam, but were still not able to tell us what was wrong with Callie. In Dec. 2010 Callie got very sick and lethargic. She cried because she was in pain and it was obvious she couldn't tolerate the cold weather. We rushed her to VCA, where Dr. Graham had been paged to the clinic to see her. He took one look at Callie and knew what the problem was. She was hypothyroidic and after doing a painless blood test, his diagnosis was confirmed. Dr. Graham saved our dog's life and with daily medication, Callie is back to her old self. Now I wouldn't dream of taking my dogs anywhere else for veterinary care.

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Saving Annie

-Kim Shaffer from Bristol, TN
Pet Name: Annie

Annie got sick on a weekend. I took her first to the emergency vets in Blountville since it was Saturday night where she was given a shot for nausea and some fluids. The next day, she was worse and would not eat and even threw up water when she tried to drink.
I called VCA and was told that Dr Robinson would come in and see her. Our Beagles are members of our family and I knew Annie would be in good hands.
Dr Robinson, being the consummate professional she is, did blood work, x-rays and an ultrasound, all on a Sunday.
Nothing was conclusive but it was apparent that Annie was a very sick little girl. She had to spend the night in the hospital and this was the first time that girl ever left my side since she was born.
The next morning, Dr Robinson called early. She and her staff had found some type of problem near her small intestines and surgery was the only way to save Annie's life.
I was relieved later that day when again Dr Robinson called to let me know that Annie was recovering. Surgery had revealed a huge abscess on the connective tissue of her small intestines.
It was that very moment I realized just how good these folks are. How many vets would go this far for a pup? Most would just say, "she ain't worth it let's put her down" and expect me to accept it.
Every morning and every night Dr Robinson would call and let me know how Annie was doing. She even went out after work on her own time and bought chicken to boil and came back to the hospital to convince Annie to eat after her surgery. This lady has angel wings under her white coat!
Annie is back home, safe happy and healthy. She just had a post op check-up today and got her staples out. There are no words to truly express my gratitude to the truly professional doctors and staff at VCA Highlands. If you love your fur child, there is no better place and no more caring folks than what you will find there.