Herndon Pet Grooming & Boarding

  • Groomer

    Megan Rivers

    Welcome, my name is Megan and I am your "fur-baby's"  professional groomer/pet stylist here at VCA Herndon Reston Animal Hospital . I have been an academy trained pet stylist since 2006 and I groom all breeds, dog and cat, and can provide some fun ways of expressing your pet's creative and fun side through coloring, feathers, stencil work, Japanese grooming style and more! I also create a one-on-one quiet and calming spa-like environment for my furry friends.  I always use top-of-the-line and natural products, a gentle touch, going at their speed of comfort, and I love to sing and play music for them. My furry friends are treated as my own, they become part of the family. I am very grateful to be a team member at VCA Herndon Reston Animal Hospital because not only am I able to do all of those fun and calming things for my furry friends, I have come to recognize if something may not be right with your dog or cat's health. I work alongside the  most amazing doctor's right here in the hospital with whom  I can consult with regarding your pet's healthcare needs.  If you were to ask me "WHY" I chose the grooming profession I would say, " I have loved animals my entire life, and the difference I can make in the way they feel after a great grooming session by providing happiness and better health.