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By Diane Gatdula
Published: April 18, 2011

Canine influenza is a new infectious disease caused by a "flu" virus that has spread across 35 states in the last few years.  In dogs, a highly contagious strain of the influenze A virus know as H3N8 is able to cause respiratory illness, especially in older dogs and in puppies. 

Starting now, the Canine Influenza Vaccine is to be considered a "core" vaccine because of the local exposure and the fact that 100% of our dogs have no immunity against this viral disease.  Just like the human "flu", canine influenza is HIGHLY contagious to only dogs.  Virtually every dog exposed to the virus will become infected if not protected by vaccination.

We are recommending that all of our canine patients get this vaccination and right now we are offering the first of the two-part Canine Influenza vaccine series free of charge until July 1, 2011!

Please call our office to make an appointment to have your dog vaccinated as soon as possible.