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So pleased and thankful...

-Tara Rae from Woodridge, IL
Pet Name: Booda

I was devastated, when it became too painful for my 5 yr old Olde English Bulldogge (Booda) to use his hind leg b/c of his "luxating patella" or "floating knee cap" (to make matters worse, Booda tore the ACL, in this already injured leg). Dr. Dust and his staff were so patient and thorough; making sure I knew and understood (at all times), what procedures needed to be completed and what they would entail, to repair Booda's leg. I got regular updates, on his condition, after the surgery, and Dr. Dust did everything, in his power, to minimize my expenses. My father is a veterinarian, and Booda is like my child, so I have very high standards, when it comes to Booda's care. Dr. Dust and his staff exceeded my every expectation...I am so very thankful. Booda's recovery is going smoothly...I live in the Chicagoland area, but being a patient of Dr. Dust is worth the commute. Thank you so much!

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Why I love VCA

-Julie from Champaign, IL
Pet Name: Romeo, Harry, and Marlee

My family has been going to VCA for as long as I can remember. They even saved our family dog at one point in time. We are so lucky to have such wonderful doctors who genuinely care about our pets. I have three cats and they always get great care!

Our Wonderful Experience

-Alicia from Champaign, IL
Pet Name: Shadow

Our WONDERFUL Experience was when I took our dog Shadow to VCA. The Staff is just AWESOME! Everyone was not only friendly, unbiased and professional, but they were just down to earth. They set aside their professionalism to laugh a bit. Dr. Elroy, well I cannot find a word great enough to say about her. I LOVE HER! You talk about BEDSIDE MANNERS, she has them! I wish she was my physician. She even took time for to converse and play with my grandson, who talked everyone ears off. There was also one Technician who gave my grandson crayons and a drawing so he wouldn't be bored. (I'm sorry I forgot your name)I wish to thank all of you very much for making our first visit welcomed and comfortable. I look forward to bringing Shadow back to you. all.

Best Vet Ever

-Caroline from Savoy, IL
Pet Name: Capri

My husband and I have two crazy dogs, one of whom (Capri) recently jumped through a pane of glass and had to have emergency surgery. Although VCA was unable to do the surgery in-house, they were quick to take care of Capri and prepare her for the transfer to the emergency clinic. Their quick action made what could have been a major problem into a very manageable injury. We took Capri back to VCA for all of her follow-up visits, during which all of the staff gave her so much love, were incredibly caring, and showed genuine concern for her recovery. Dr. McElroy and Dr. Spoerer were so patient as we called in with questions regarding Capri's wound, and whenever we brought her in for a check-up they were careful to take the time to address all of our concerns without making us feel rushed. Capri is back to her crazy self, evidenced by her eating my homemade pie off the counter last week. Hopefully our future visits will be less frequent, but we always look forward to going to VCA and know that we are putting our dogs into the greatest hands with the people there! Best vets ever!

We love VCA

-Kye from Savoy, IL
Pet Name: Daisy

We began bringing our two dogs, Daisy and Capri, to VCA in August and have had incredible experiences from the start. Daisy is a rescue and is very scared of meeting new people, but Dr. Spoerer and the staff at VCA are so sweet and put her at ease. It is a huge help to know that our girls will be cared for and shown love when we take them to the vet! Thanks VCA!

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Excellent Care

-Courtney from Savoy, IL
Pet Name: Happy

The veterinarians at VCA Heritage are top-notch! Our dog, Happy, has been under the best care during the last 3 years we have been going to the clinic. We have probably seen every vet, and each vet truly cares about the health and care of each pet patient. They go above and beyond to determine the best course of action for the care and health of your pet. Our initial consultation with Dr. Dust was amazing. Dr. Dust approached our dog as a friend and sat on the floor petting him and playing with him to gain his trust. The treats helped, too! Our dog just loves going to the vet! He thinks of it as a fun outing :).