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VCA Is The Best

-Lou and Trina from Urbana, IL
Pet Name: Harry

Harry is our second dog taken care of by all of the caring folks at VCA. Dr. Dust is the best, but when he has been busy we have received great care from Dr. Sporer and others. Of course, it takes a great staff to back them up, so we thank them as well. Thanks!!!

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Harold Loves VCA

-Shondra Loggins from Champaign, IL
Pet Name: Harold Loggins

Harold does not like to get his boosters, what doggy does. But he loves the attention and friendliness of the VCA staff. His tail gets to wagging when he gets in the door, a little from excitement and a little from anticipation. And while he shakes as he is on the table, preparing for the inevitable, he knows that a great smile, hug, and treat from Dr. Rhodes are to follow. Thanks for everything VCA staff and Dr. Rhodes!

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Very Appreciative

-Meghan from Champaign, IL
Pet Name: Casey and Abby

I am so thankful for Dr. Dust. Casey was constantly sick when he was younger and no other vet could figure out what was wrong. My mom had the same problem with our dog, so she began going to Dr. Dust and was very happy with him. Because of this, I made an appointment for Casey and he figured out right away what was wrong with him. He is always very patient (and I have to admit Casey is not exactly cooperative at his appointments) and makes sure all of my questions are answered before we are finished. I am very grateful for the care that both of my cats have received at VCA for that past 8 years.

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A lifetime of wonderful care

-Grace Giorgio from Atwood, IL
Pet Name: Malchik and Sukha

The decision to make Central Illinois our permanent home became easier when I realized that my cats Malchik and Sukha would have Dr. Dust as their vet for the rest of their lives. We met Dr. Dust and VCA Heritage in 1995 when I came here for graduate school. His caring approach to Sukha and Malchik and thoughtful and patient explanations over the years have made me and my cats know we are in the right hands. I can't say they like getting in their cat carriers, but once they are in Dr. Dust's hands they are calm and receptive to his attention. At 16 years old, they are doing well thanks to a lifetime of wonderful care!

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Diva Thinks VCA is Great

-Kim Knap from St. Joseph, IL

Diva, a foster dog from CCHS just made a miraculous recovery from a broken leg. Her recovery would not have been possible without the generous work of Dr. Duane T. Dust and his staff. They are professional, compassionate and capable. They never treated her like a foster dog. Our sincere thanks!

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VCA is just wonderful

-Eddie from Champaign, IL
Pet Name: Emma

As a first time dog owner, one of the things that I worried about was how the dog would react to the vet. I've always heard of and known dogs to dread the vet and fight and crawl their best to stay out of the door.

The first time I brought Emma in, she was treated with nothing but oohs and aahs from the staff - from the reception to the vet and they pumped her so full of treats she probably thought she had died and gone to puppy heaven! Dr. McElroy was wonderful, although because of scheduling I've started seeing Dr. Rhodes more frequently and I couldn't be more satisfied. Dr. Rhodes is friendly, amazing with Emma and treats her as good as I do, which means a lot.

The constant, high level of care I've received from VCA has been nothing short of astounding and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the hospital to anyone. The best thing I can say is that they took one of my dog-owner nightmares in vet visits and have turned a vet visit into something both Emma and I look forward to!

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Zachary LOVES his VCA

-John and Joyce from Rantoul, IL
Pet Name: Zachary

This is our 2nd Miniature Schanuzer and Dr. Dust has taken care of both of them from puppies.

The "Zach Attach" has always gotten the best of care from all the staff at VCA! He actually gets excited when we are coming down the street toward the hospital. Through surgeries, our over-protectiveness and now diabetes the staff has gone out of their way to help us and keep us informed. Dr. Dust has called us late in the evening to give us results and ALWAYS takes the time to answer our questions and give us in depth explanations in lay terms. The staff is absolutely the best.

Thanks for the great care that you have given both Zachary and Brutus over the past 24 years.

Confidence and Compassion

-Gloria Roubal from Champaign, IL
Pet Name: Silvio, Nica, Stella, and Zeba

We have been taking our beloved pets to Dr. Dust and Dr. Neitzel (retired) when they had a practice in an old house in Urbana in the 1980s; when they moved to Savoy we followed them there. Our animals receive the most excellent care (from ALL of the doctors at VCA) - they go above and beyond in all ways. We just had our dog Silvio at VCA today to see Dr. Dust for his annual shots, etc., and he requires very special handling. Dr. Dust always makes us feel comfortable and confident in him as a doctor who can handle such a challenging dog. Dr. Dust always explains everything so clearly, is never in a hurry, listens carefully to our concerns, shows remarkable care and compassion, and leaves us feeling so grateful for Dr. Dust as well as the other excellent doctors and the rest of the staff. I have so many other stories I could write, but I will end here and just say that my husband and I feel so fortunate to have such an amazing clinic. Our four animals get the best care possible, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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Reglisse is enjoying his trip

-M.-C. Brunet from Savoy, IL
Pet Name: Reglisse

Thanks to the advice and care of VCA, Reglisse is doing great after his surgery, recovering fast, and able to enjoy his trip to France.

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A hard decision made easy

-Ted Nowlin from Champaign, IL
Pet Name: Patsy

The hardest decision I had to make involving my girl Border Collie Patsy, was made so much easier for me by the wonderful staff at VCA. Morgan, your advice and willingness to go the extra mile, made me feel this was the right thing to do. I will always remember that. Patsy's health was failing since she had a stroke last year at the age of 13. Knowing that I wanted to make Patsy as comfortable as possible in her last minutes, Morgan arranged for Dr. McElroy to meet us at our vehicle in the parking lot. As I held Patsy in my arms, Dr. McElroy gently assisted her to peacefully drift off. Patsy's been gone a week now, and there is not minute of the day I don't think about her. But I am so happy the last minute I had with her was under our terms and in a familiar environment. That meant a lot to me. Thank you Dr. McElroy for being so compassionate and caring for me and my beloved Patsy. Ted