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Published: Nov 15, 2011

Administering eye drops to a pet can be stressful for owners, but learning the correct techniques can help make the process go more smoothly and, according to VCA Animal Hospitals, help speed up your pet’s recovery.

VCA reports that owners should wash their hands before and after applying the medication to avoid contamination and spreading the infection. If the problem is painful, an owner may need help from another person to get all of the medicine in.

Once help has arrived, clean away any discharge that has built-up around the pet’s eyes with a warm wet washcloth. Next, hold the bottle with an index finger and thumb, while resting this hand on the top of the pet’s head for added stability. With the other hand, gently pull down the lower eyelid - this is where the medicine needs to be dispensed, as it acts as a pouch for the drops.

When the pet is in a relaxed state, squeeze the product close to the eye, being careful not to actually touch the animal's eye with the applicator tip. VCA recommends aiming for the center of the eye. After the correct number of drops have been dispensed, release the pet and allow it to blink, as this will spread the medication around. Make sure to give the pet plenty of praise and even a treat to show it that the procedure is positive, which can make it easier to administer the prescription next time.