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Healthy PAWS Medical Center

-Desiree Schlitz-Velez from Manassas, VA
Pet Name: Wesley and Gretchen

i live in manassas on the edge of quantico. this means that i am approximately 40 minutes away from healthy paws. i've been going to healthy paws since january of 2004. i have (2) boxers - wesley a 4 yr old flashy male and gretchen a 21 month old white female. i also have two cats.

on july 15th gretchen the white boxer ate or got stung by a bee ( i didnot know this at the time). she swelled up like a balloon (they have a picture at the office). i was a panic, scared, upset. i called healthy paws and stephanie answered - i identified myself and explained the situation briefly and said i was bringing gretchen right over. to say i was not calm is an understatement. as gretchen swelled i was fearful that her tongue would swell and she would not be able to breath. i drove directly there without running any red lights or getting a speeding ticket (a small miracle).

when i walked into the lobby i was greeted by michele the office manager, dr. stark, dr. taylor, and stephanie.
dr. taylor immediately took gretchen to the back and start administering steroids and benadryl. dr. stark and michele stayed with me to get me to calm down before i got back in the car.

gretchen is home now and fine. dr. taylor calls everyday to make sure the hives have not returned.
this fine group of professionals continues to do their jobs with love and care. dr. verna is my regular dr. but all of my animals have been seen by the other drs. on staff at one time or another. the addition of michele is an added blessing. we have had several conversations in the two years since vca took over.

again, i am very thankful for the care everyone gives to my animals.

Rudy's Dental

-Chris Ann and James Cleland from Bristow, VA
Pet Name: Rudy


Just a note to let you know how much we appreciate you. Rudy is doing great since his extractions. Those procedures are scary for us - but you always take the time to talk with us and explain things. Can't think of a better person to take care of our four legged kids.

We'll see you soon!

Chris Ann & James

My Cat Amie

-Holly B from Manassas, VA
Pet Name: Amie

I appreciate the great care your vets gave my cats and I especially love Dr Juli!

What you did meant a lot

-Lee and Jennifer Creech from Bristow, VA
Pet Name: Pepper

We can't thank Dr. Potter and the wonderful staff enough for the care & dedication shown towards Pepper during his time of need. He means the world to us!
Thank you,
Lee, Jennifer and Pepper Creech

Excellent Veterinary Service

-Athryn from Haymarket, VA

I have taken all of my pets to this Veterinary Office since I moved to the area, and it's the best Vet I've dealt with since I moved to Virginia. They have a very clean and spacious waiting area, with segregated access between dogs and cats, the staff is very knowledgeable and they have great customer service. They were also able to diagnose a problem with my cat that 2 other vets attributed to a behavioral problem. I would highly recommend this vet to anyone!‎

Thank You Dr. Potter

-LB from Gainesville, VA
Pet Name: Smoke, Ember, Ash and Cole

Thank you for taking such good care of our Ember and me! We would only see Dr. Verna since we got our first dog 13 years ago and our hearts sunk when we found out she was no longer there. Then we met you. You were amazing with Ember and we know that our 3 other furry friends will love you just as much. We feel very blessed that you are there.

I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else

-Katherine P from Gainesville, VA

I have a cat that became very ill, and no other veterinarian could diagnose him properly. This was the first place that did, and all my other interactions with them have been excellent. I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else!

I finally located Dr. Ballou

-Cathy K. from McLean, VA

Dr. Ballou- I didn't get to thank you for your wonderful and heartfelt care of Honey and Belle. We all miss you and wish you well!

The staff are wonderful

-Fred's Mom from Silver Spring, MD
Pet Name: Fred

I've been bringing my dogs here since 1997. The staff are wonderful and my dogs are always happy to go there. When we walk in, the staff immediately recognizes us, which makes me feel good about boarding my dogs there when necessary. The vets are very knowledgeable and very willing to answer any questions and address all your concerns about treatments.

I moved to Maryland about 7 years ago, but have continued to take my pets there because I just haven't had the same good feeling about clinics I have tried that are closer. Because the vets and staff at Healthy PAWS know my pets' history, I am confident that they will get the best possible care.

The boarding facilities at Healthy PAWS are also excellent. One of my dogs was diagnosed with cancer last year. Although it wasn't easy for me to leave her when she was sick, when it was necessary for me to be out of town, I knew that she was well cared for staying there. I called to check on her daily and the staff was always happy to let me know how she was doing. The staff and vets also kept in close touch with the oncologist in order to be sure she was getting the correct treatments.


-Sissy's Mom from Haymarket, VA

Thanks for all of the extra care you have provided for Sissy.