Why? Sharyl Mayhew LVT


Why we do what we do?

For most of us the answer is a resounding “I love animals”!  However, I have had the great pleasure over the years to work with many wonderful veterinarians and clinic staff members who can equally claim that they love the pet owners too.

I have degrees in language and international service. I originally wanted to be a translator or diplomat when I was in college. My path took me through law firms, universities and government agencies but ultimately I found my way into veterinary medicine. It was a roundabout trip but I am truly thankful for arriving here! I am still a “translator”, just now more interspecies rather than internationalities.

People ask me what it’s like to work with animals all day. I tell them it is a wonderful job that gives me a great feeling of accomplishment. I like to think that I am the pet’s advocate; they can’t speak so they need me to help translate their needs to the human world.

And the people I meet that love their pets or love working with pets are what keeps all of us satisfied in our work. Recently a client came to visit me at VCA-Healthy Paws, she was a client I have known for years from VCA University. She stopped by because she was in the area -- just to chat.

I started thinking about what a treasure these friends are that we have made through working with their pets. We are there with these friends through happy times, funny times and sad times. We grow into a family of sorts, bonded by our love of pets and animals and each other.

I am meeting a lot of my neighbors here in Haymarket for the first time, again, because we are here to help them with their pets. We offer veterinary services of course, but we are also so blessed to be able to offer compassion, friendship and community spirit with our clients, neighbors and fellow pet owners.

I would love to hear stories about how someone at VCA-Healthy Paws touched your life through their care for your pet or for you as a client. Feel free to send me an email and tell me your story or just tell me about your pets �" pictures too please!!! [email protected]