Boarding Facilities

VCA Healthy PAWS Medical Center offers boarding for cats and dogs.

Our climate-controlled, fully indoor facility offers plenty of natural light and the cages and runs are roomy and comfortable. Your dog will enjoy walks outside in our fully fenced-in and secure yard.  Our staff also offers play time, treats and affection at every turn. 

Our feline boarding facility is on the opposite side of the building from our canine boarding quarters so our cat guests can enjoy a bark-free stay. The feline condos have Plexiglass backs so your cat will have a "room with view" of the outdoors and our bird feeder area and can sunbathe safely indoors. Additionally, the condos are equipped to allow "walk-through" access to the cage beside it so we can provide your cat with plenty of room to stretch his or her legs (additional charge may apply during holidays). Your feline friend can also spend some time in our cat play room at your request. The play room is furnished with cat trees, comfy perches and a large window that looks into the lobby.

Our boarding charges are based on weight for dogs and a flat fee for cats. The fee includes our house food (Hills Prescription Diet I/D for dogs or cats) but you are welcome to bring your pet's food from home and any treats they regularly enjoy.  

We discourage bringing your own bedding as we launder everything twice a day to be sure every pet has a clean and dry bed.   So we might not have your personal bedding out of the washer or dryer at the time you pick up your pet.  

Breathe easy knowing that your pet is staying in a veterinary hospital and should a medical problem become apparent while your pet is boarding with us, it will be treated. We ask that you leave an emergency phone number at which we can contact you in the unlikely event that it would become necessary. If you will not be available, we will ask that you give us the name and number of someone authorized to make medical decisions regarding your pet.

All boarders must have proof of current immunizations, or they will be updated while at our hospital and you may be subject to additional isolation fees.

The required vaccines are:

-Bordetella (bi-annual effective November 2010)
-Canine Influenza (effective June 1, 2010)


We recommend that all pets are regularly treated to prevent external parasites, especially if they are boarding.  We will examine every arriving boarding pet for external parasites.   If any signs of fleas or ticks are seen, your pet will be treated with an appropriate product and there will be an additional charge for that treatment.   This is how we maintain a flea free environment for everyone.  

Call ahead to schedule any boarding near holidays.   We look forward to caring for your pets when you need us.