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My Great Mistake

-Gail Evans from San Antonio, TX
Pet Name: Pepper

At the time of my initial introduction of VCA Health Associates Animal Hospital in 1994 it was privately owned. My original plan was to have Pepper my female dachshund puppy spayed at another clinic close by but I made a mistake with the address and ended up at VCA Health Associates. I have never regretted that mistake. Peppers spay was performed by Dr. Gary Sartor. The staff that helped me from the receptionists to the technicians and office manager throughout my 20 years of patronage have always given me and Pepper excellent care and love. This is why I would recommend VCA Health Associates to others for their pets needs and medical care.

Pepper had to be euthanised April 8, 2009. I was by her side while Dr. Sartor administered this final procedure. Pepper and I were in a complete state of calmness during this painless, quick procedure. I received a poem titled Only for awhile written by Kathy Culver printed on pink paper and an imprint of Peppers paw, and a lock of Peppers hair in a heart shaped case. This last experience Pepper and I had just demonstrates the sincere love compassion and care that Dr. Sartor and the whole staff at VCA Health Associates have always shown me. If I decide to purchase another dog you know where I will go for all my veterinary needs�to Dr. Sartor and the caring staff at VCA Health Associates animal hospital.

My son and his fianc�e live in Denver Colorado and take their two dogs to a VCA hospital there. They have the same feelings about the professional love and care shown to their pets also. It seems that VCA staff focuses on you and your pet as if you were the only ones under their care in the whole world, no matter which one you go to.

Gail Evans

Home Away from Home

-Rick and Judy Chalk from San Antonio, TX

We are so very thankful for VCA Health Associates Animal Hospital. We have 2 Boston Terriers and 3 Labradors. When I pull out their leashes they know that they will be going to the VCA spa and eagerly jump into the car for the ride.

Whenever we need to leave the dogs for boarding, a special place is always prepared for them and I know they will be cared for just as if they were with me. Sometimes they are treated to time in the easy chair with a special friend, just like home.

When the dogs need grooming they always come back looking and smelling wonderful.

When the dogs need healthcare, emergency or otherwise, they are always seen in a very timely manner and they are feeling better in no time.

All of the doctors and technicians know my dogs by name and make them and their humans feel very much at ease.

There is no place we would rather take our best friends than VCA Health Associates Animal Hospital.

Thank you!!

Rick & Judy

Bud, Sally, Chubbs, Bella and Clyde

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-Rosie Rodriguez from San Antonio, TX
Pet Name: Diamondback

I have been a client of the VCA Health Associates Animal Hospital since day one. I do not feel comfortable going elsewhere for treatment of my pets, unless it was an emergency. I truly believe this facility houses the best doctors and staff in San Antonio.

One experience with one particular pet far more stands out in my memory than any other, it was my cat Diamondback. Dr. Fay diagnosed him with diabetes. She, and as well as the staff, especially Shanty, had been very supportive, informative and patient with me in caring for him.

Unfortunately, approximately two years after diagnosis, he took a turn for the worse and had to be euthanized. Dr. Fay, again, was there for support and made this very difficult decision easier for me to cope with knowing how much I worried and grown close to him during his illness. I received a special momento of Diamondback from the doctors and staff of VCA which I will always treasure.

As soon as I set foot in your facility, I feel a sense of comfort knowing that our pets will be taken care of by knowledgeable and caring doctors and staff.

Thank you all for your support and excellent hours where we can take our loved ones when in need of wellness and urgent care.

God Bless,

Rosie Rodriguez

My First Visit with Dr Fay

-Veronica F. from San Antonio, TX
Pet Name: Bella Chloe

I took my kitten and my congested cat to the vet for the first time and everybody was very nice. The two technicians were very friendly specially the male technician was so careful and gentle holding my kitties. Dr Fay was Awesome, she was very detailed with the exams, answered all my questions and did not seem to be in a hurry at all like other places where they just want you in and out the door ASAP. I am very pleased with the service! Thank you VCA

Great Experience in San Antonio

-Pyper from San Antonio, TX
Pet Name: Pyper

I have not had a pet in such a long time, I was nervous about my new dog's first visit. This facility was the best facility I have ever taken any animal to, it was spacious, clean and we were seen right away. I like the veterinarian and all the staff members were friendly. I am happy to have found this place and so is my dog.

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Zoe's Best Friends

-Diana Dee Molina from San Antonio, TX
Pet Name: Zoe, Kitten and Stinky

The Doctor's and staff at VCA Animal Hospital are the GREATEST ever!!! Zoe our boxer loves them all, she is never anxious or fearful when visiting, the staff loves on her and makes her feel really comfortable.Thank you all for your never ending patience with my frantic calls when Zoe has eaten something or just doesn't feel well. WE LOVE YOU ALL!!! Joseph, Dee and Zoe and Family

P.S. And now we'll get to take Zoe's puppies too....and the tradition continues......

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Mission puppies

-Sara Moore from Plan, TX

My husband and I were visiting San Antonio for a few days. On what ended up being our last day there while visiting one of the four Missions south of the city my husband noticed a small dog, laying on the sidewalk. We checked with the folks working there, and they said she'd been there since yesterday, and they'd called animal control, but animal control hadn't picked her up. She was near death and we decided to get her help. we loaded her carefully into a box, provided by the park ranger, and just as we were leaving, a family found at the mission found a second puppy. he was happy being reunited with his sister. the staff and dr. sartor gently examine each puppy. unfortunately the female could not be saved, however the male puppy had sarcoptic mange, which dr sartor said is easy to cure and that otherwise the puppy would be fine with regular meals and medical care in plano. he's been in our home just 3 days and is adjusting well. he had his first visit to our vet, and has gained 2 1/2 lbs and is on follow up treatments for the mange.
a big thank you to dr sartor and the staff for their wonderful care of our surprise puppy.

I love VCA Health Associates

-Travis B. from San Antonio, TX

Conveniently located right off of nacodoches and wurzbach pkwy, this veterinary clinic gives the best possible care for your pet and for an affordable price! We took our cat Sonya here because she suddenly had an eye that was swollen shut and she was obviously in pain. When we walked in we were immediately greeted with a smiling, yet concerned staff. Within minutes Dr. Schnee (a very engaging Cornell graduate) greeted us and gently began examining her eye trying different methods to make a diagnosis. He eventually determined that it was just a scratch and prescribed some eye drops to help reduce swelling and prevent infection. After settling our very inexpensive tab the front staff thanked us and told us to keep in touch with our cats status. Within 2 days her eye almost completely healed and we received a friendly follow up call from Dr. Schnee as well as a thank you letter in the mail. It's unfortunate that many veterinary clinics that you visit these days seem to rob you blind and don't ever seem to care about your pet. VCA Health Associates is not one of them. I have never experienced such wonderful service from any other animal hospital (and trust me, I've been to a bunch!). I was also able to adopt a kitten (which we named Banjo) from VCA and so it turns out it is the most amazing kitten in the universe. I'm still not convinced that it's not a robot, that's how freakishly perfect this kitten is. They even threw in free kitten food!... or robot food. So if u have a sick pet or just wanna give them a check-up, looking to adopt a little fur-ball or if you're just in the area and wanna drop off a popsicle for Dr. Schnee (he likes popsicles) then make VCA health associates your go-to place for all your pet needs. Thank you VCA health associates on behalf of my wife and I, Banjo, and Sonya, we all raise our paw to our brow and salute you. Well done.


-Carmen Uranga from San Antonio, TX
Pet Name: Elmo

This hospital is amazing, because they really care about your pet, and Dr. Walker is an excellent veterinarian, will not change him ever!