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-Jennifer from West Bridgewater, MA
Pet Name: Nero

I came to your hospital after dealing with my sick kitty for 2 weeks. We had gone through a lot with this beloved kitty including exploratory surgery...

Dr. Oscar gave us exellent medical advice and was very compassionate in helping us make the decision to put Nero to sleep after exploring all possible treatment options.

We are devistated, but her compassion and excellent care has made a huge difference to us.

He was a very special kitty.

thank you

Simply the Best

-Rick from Hanson, MA

VCA Hanson is simply the best--plain and simple. From the front desk to the doctors, the hospital is "ALL ABOUT THE PETS CARE". I have seen the staff there perform above and beyond many times during emergencies. Believe me, the hospital may be small in size, but all the staff there have big hearts and will always handle your pet as if it was one of their own.

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Great Care

-Jen from Rockland, MA
Pet Name: Elvis and Kona

VCA Hanson has provided incredible care to my cats and dogs as well as my friends pets. Dr. Centofanti has performed 3 ACL surgeries on our dogs and recently diagnosed my 2 year old Rott with Addisons. In less than a week he is already acting like his old self and I know the wonderful vets and staff at Hanson will be there as we regulate his treatment.

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Finn loves everyone at Hanson

-Deb from Raynham, MA
Pet Name: FinnRyan

Dr. C. has gotten Finn through surgery, skin infection, and diagnostic testing for answers. He examines Finn so thoroughly that in the blink of an eye, Dr. C. is on his back on the floor, sliding beneath Finn's tummy...almost looks like he's getting ready to do an oil change! Vicky, the groomer, has given Finn his best grooming care. The entire staff is always welcoming, and Finn would kiss them all, if possible.

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Amazing care

-Amanda from Plympton, MA
Pet Name: Marshmallow

Dr. Mateleska was very kind towards my rabbit. She is SO knowledgeable and understanding. She answered all of my questions and it made me happy to see my pet in such great care!

Best Care Available

-Dawne from Hanson, MA
Pet Name: Sundance

Hanson may not be the biggest animal hospital in the area but they are the BEST! The staff are knowledgeable, kind, caring and know how to take the best care of the furry members of the family. Special thanks to Dr. Finney, Dr. Oscar and Sarah.

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Fortunate to have VCA Hanson

-Deb Welch from Raynham, MA
Pet Name: Brec and Finn

Now that Dr. Finney cares for our crew, we benefit from the compassion and intelligence of another Hanson vet. He and the entire staff always go above and beyond. Not enough room to list all the great things they have done for us, so just imagine everything positive you would want from your pet's medical professionals.

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A Team of Angels

-Karen Gordon from Whitman, MA
Pet Name: Louie

You will never find a more knowledgeable and caring staff anywhere. We are so thankful for everything they did to make our lit'l Lou's eight short years on this earth the best they could have been. I owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Finney and Elissa for always being there for Louie and for taking the time answer my endless questions.

Truely a small town practice

-shannon from hanson, MA
Pet Name: Fergie

I may be a bit impartial as i am a technician at VCA Hanson but i have also been a client for well over 16 years. Most recently my french bulldog needed surgery that she unfortunatley didnt handle as well as we had hoped. The staff (my family) at VCA Hanson were absolutley amazing from Dr Oscar to Dr Finney and Dr Williams to all the techs. They were there to give me support as well as working together to make Fergie recover faster by working as one amazing unit of brilliant minds.They give all their clients and patients the same attention and dedication they gave to my pup. And being on the other side of it i realized what an amazing hospital VCA Hanson is.

Care for our grief

-V and R from Hanson, MA
Pet Name: Fed

My boyfriend and I had the unfortunate situation of bringing our kitten Fed to VCA Hanson after he had suddenly passed away. All of the staff members there were extremely loving and comforting during this hard time. The doctor took the time to talk to us and answer our questions as to what might have happened to our beloved pet. A week later, we received a card with a handwritten note from the vet. It helped us through a very hard time.