• Hospital Manager

    Becky Yucius

    Becky joined the VCA Hanson team in January 2012.  She worked  for 25 years at VCA Roberts as a technician and co-manager.  She also worked 5 years before that at VCA Whitman as a kennel technician and technician.  Her back ground was in horse management and canine obedience.  As a technician,  Becky had always had a passion for dermatology and oncology.  She was trained to be a chemo technician at VCA Roberts.  Becky lives with her 2 dogs, 2 cats and 1 bird.  She has always adopted her pets usually because they are not 100%.  She has two 3-legged cats,  a dog with food allergies, a dog with a heart condition and a bird with a big mouth that couldn’t live in an apartment building.    Becky enjoys working with people and their pets.  Some may call her a workaholic. She is always at Hanson or available . She strives to make VCA Hanson Animal Hospital a better place to work and provide the best care for pets!