Our Cat Champions

Nicodemus (left) has been with us for 5 years now.He was just a kitten when he was dropped off at the shelter where I was working at the time. He used to drop into my arms when I would clean his cage and continually purr when I picked him up. When I brought him home, he was not a bit afraid of our dog Heidi.In fact just the opposite. He loves to "ambush" Heidi when she comes down the stairs, but runs to greet her when she returns from a walk. Our decision to have him be an indoor cat was an easy one. Working at the shelter, and now VCA Hanson Animal Hospital, I too often see outdoor cats and what can happen to them. Nicodemus sits at the window and watches the birds at the feeders. He loves to curl in our laps or curl next to Heidi and snooze.Working with animals for so many years makes me really appreciate what they add to our human existence. We can learn so much from them. Nicodemus and Heidi are constantly teaching us.