Clearwater Dog Grooming

VCA Gulf Bay Grooming salon is staffed by friendly and talented people who will make sure your pet goes home looking and smelling wonderful.  We will pamper your pet and treat them like royalty while in our care.  We want nothing more than to see your pet live longer and happier lives, and keeping them groomed will help aid them in that process.  We have all heard the expression when you look good on the outside you feel good on the inside.  We are true believers of this.  When we groom a pet and they start prancing around, we know how good they feel on the inside!

Our Groomer:
Our groomer is dedicated to pamering our patients and making them look like they just left a weekend spay, which is our goal.  Grooming is an art, and it's treated that way when they are in our care.  Every pet is a reflection of us and our hospital, so we want every pet to look GREAT.  Diane Edwards is our talented and dedicated groomer.  Please call to schedule your pet's appointment today!  We accept appointments on Fridays.

Dryer:Our pets are dried several ways--with hand dryers, crate dryers, and even air dried depending on what type of groom they are having done.  We use cool air dryers only so there is no chance of your pet getting over heated, which can be really dangerous for your pet.

Our Products:
We carry different varieties of products.  We have hypoallergenic shampoo, Floral scent, and whitening just to name a few.

CET Products:
We recommend CET toothpaste for dogs and cats, and we use this product when we brush your pets teeth.  This is a great product, and we have seen good results with it.  We also carry rawhide chews made by CET, in all different sizes.

Coat Conditions: Pets that have poor coat condition take longer to groom.  Additional charges may apply based on the length of time needed to groom your pet.

Aggressive Pets: We prefer not to groom aggressive pets.  We realize that sometime pets may get upset over their nails being trimmed or ears being cleaned.  We like to use gentle techniques to make sure your pet is relaxed and feels comfortable while we groom them.

All patients need to be current on their vaccinations and fecal check prior to any grooming appointment.  We require all dogs to have a current Distemper/Parvo vaccine, Rabies, and Bordetella.  Due to the outbreak Leptospirosis, this vaccine is also highly recommended.

Your Appointment:
We ask that all clients please be on time for your pet's appointment, or call if you wil be more than 15 mintues.  If you can't make your appointment, please give us 24 hrs notice.  Your pet's appointment is a reservation for service.  In order for us to provide special attention to every patient, we only take a limited number of appointments each day.  Advance notice allows us to fill your grooming appointment with another one that is waiting to get in sooner.

To schedule your pet's appointment, please call us at 727.797.5107.  We take appointments on Fridays.