Basic Singapura Information

  • Lifespan: 9 - 15 years
  • Weight: 4 - 8 pounds

Singapura Traits

  • Lap Cat
  • Intelligence
  • Ease of Training
  • Grooming Requirements
  • Shedding
  • Good with Children
  • Good with Dogs
  • Chattiness

Singapura History

  • This petite breed traces its background to the busy streets of Singapore where they were regarded as common street cats.
  • Professional cat breeders Hal and Tommy Meadows are acknowledged for bring the first Singapuras to the United States in 1975. They brought kittens named Puss'e, Ticle and Tes, a trio who has served as the foundation cats for this rare breed in the United States.
  • There are few professional breeders of this breed in the United States.
  • The Cat Fanciers Association granted championship status to this breed in 1988.

Singapura Behavior Concerns

  • Definitely earns its two popular nicknames: "Velcro Cat" and "Pesky People Cat" due to its insistence to be with its favorite people all the time and to try to assist in projects or reading the newspaper.
  • Extremely energetic, athletic, this breed thrives on doing things rather than napping and is apt to paw you in the early morning hours to get you to wake up and play.
  • Well suited for active households with other pets as well as being with people who enjoy training their cats to perform dog-like tricks.
  • One of the Singapura's favorite pastimes is chasing bubbles, second only to pawing open cabinets and doors.
  • Fond of delivering head butts and kisses.
  • Enchanting and persistent.
  • Able to squeeze in narrow openings, so pet proof each room of your home to prevent your Singapura from accidentally getting stuck.

Look of Singapuras

  • One of the tiniest cat breeds, the Singapura is surprisingly strong, muscular and sturdy and genetically very similar to the Burmese.
  • The Singapura signature look includes a tabby "M" on the forehead, giant almond-shaped eyes, a blunt nose, oversized ears, cherub face. The eyes can be yellow, green or hazel highlighted by "Cheetah" lines that extend down from the eyes' inner corners.
  • There is only one recognized coat color -� sepia (a dark-browned ticked coat) on an ivory base color.
  • The coat is silky to the touch and is short and sleek with no undercoat.
  • The Singapura takes up to two years to fully reach physical maturity.

Grooming Singapura Cats

  • Its silky, short coat is essentially maintenance free, but the Singapura will never turn down having you pet him or run a damp washcloth across his coat.
  • Minimal shedding

Suggested Nutritional Needs for Singapuras

Please consult with your veterinarian about the type of dieta nd amount to feed your cat during their different life stages. Different breeds may have a greater risk of obesity based upon their diet, metabloism, activity and age. Thus, your veterinarian is your best source for information on this topic.

Fun Facts of Singapuras

  • Singapura is the Malaysian word for Singapore.
  • Singapuras love to ride on shoulders and to perch on tall cat trees.
  • This breed is regarded as a tourism mascot with statutes of Singapuras located all along the city of Singapore.

Did you know?

  • A decrease in cat grooming behavior may indicate they are in pain.
  • Some cat parasites are transferable to humans.
  • Many common pet ailments may be detected early and prevented by visiting your veterinarian twice yearly - saving both time, money, and most importantly, ensuring the best quality of life for your cat.

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