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My pets vet

-Dan and Betsy Patterson from Sacramento, CA
Pet Name: Tiger and Silver

A special thank you to all the staff at VCA Greenhaven Animal Hospital for their caring nature they have provided to all of our animals throughout the years. We were especially greatful for their kindness with our cat Tigger who without their care would not have lived to be 20 yrs. 10 months. We now have a new kitten (Annie, 6 months old) who is also receiving great care through VCA Greenhaven. We have been with "Greenhaven Animal Hospital" since it opened many years ago. We wouldn't take our pets to any other vets in the area. Thank you for all that you do for our animals.


Dan and Betsy Patterson

Our Vet

-Wayne Underwood from Sacramento, CA
Pet Name: Ramona and Socrites

Recently we experienced the worst news a pet owner dreads: your pet has a terminal disease. Your emotions vary from denial,anger,pity, sorrow,pain, and eventually, acceptance. The pain slowly ebbs. You ask why? Why did this happen to my pet? He was our child, a family member, who greeted us with unconditional love.
The staff of VCA Greenhaven Animal Hospital understood our fight. They were with us through out the process. They provided us emotional support, and counseling, even to his final moments of life. There was not a dry eye in the examination room.
VCA Greenhaven Aminal Hospital, has a welcoming atomsphere. They focus on you, and your pet. The staff is knowledable, professional, compassionate, comforting, and caring.

Wayne Underwood and family

Jasmine and Greenhaven

-Carla Testi from Sacramento, CA
Pet Name: Jasmine

I have been a client at VCA Greenhaven Animal Hospital for over 4 years and the hospital was highly recommended to me at the time. I originally went there to get a second opinion for one of my cats and it was such a good experience, I just continued taking my pets to Greenhaven for their health care.

I feel my animals have gotten excellent care from the doctors as well as the vet techs. The staff is very well informed and always explains everything thoroughly. They always return phone calls or call with test results, etc, in a timely manner. The whole staff, including the receptionists, are always very friendly and pleasant and I feel they always have my pets' best interests at heart.

Carla Testi

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So Happy to have found them

-Margaret Behan from Sacramento, CA

I am so happy to have found VCA Greenhaven Animal Hospital. The Doctors and staff are not only knowledgeable and professional, but always go the extra mile in their care. I have taken in all of my own cats (10 over the years), a few rescue cats, and even one rescue dog and feel like the doctors and staff have become more like friends. Everyone is so very caring and I wouldn't trust my animals to anyone else. They have seen my cats through cancer and other serious illnesses and have helped me through the difficult transition when it is time to assist in letting go. They share your pain and your sorrow but also the joy and unexpected perks that all pets bring. They are wonderful.

-Margaret Behan

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My Sophie

-Kimberly from Sacramento, CA
Pet Name: Sophie and Boo

My cat Sophie was hit by a car. It was an awful experience, and until faced with this situation, you really don't know what you will do. I recall the morning her doctor told me if she didn't turn a corner, I would need to make a very difficult decision. I was completely distraught the entire day at work. Thankfully, the doctor and nurses were able to keep me apprised of her condition and she made it through. Twice a day someone would call me with an update, and I was allowed to visit while they healed my little girl. I was always met with utmost care and loving kindness (I think I was in worse shape at times!) Whenever I have a question, I am given unlimited time and consultation. It is a comfort to have such wonderful people to talk me through decisions. It has been a true pleasure getting to know every person I have encountered at this hospital. They all go well beyond customer service. They simply care.


-Ben from Sacramento, CA
Pet Name: George

Our cat disappeared in October 2008. We thought we would never see him again. In mid-July we received a call from Greenhaven Animal Hospital. Someone brought in a cat she thought was abandoned, Greenhaven scanned him and although they could not locate his record at first, with perseverance they matched his name with ours! The chip works! Thank you Greenhaven.

FINALLY A Vet I Can Trust

-Samantha Stevens from Sacramento, CA

Dr. Sarte is our Veterinarian, I'm very glad I finally found her, and I can honestly say that it took over 20 years to do it. I'd been to hospital after hospital, couldn't get answers to simple questions at one office or another, and was almost ready to give up when a co-worker of mine who has gone to VCA Greenhaven Animal Hospital for years, told me about the clinic. Although there ARE choices of Veterinarians at VCA Greenhaven, our two dogs and I were fortunate to get Dr. Sarte at our first office visit. When I told my co-worker that I was SO pleased with her, he told me that Dr. Sarte is who he asks for as well when he takes his kitties to the Vet. Our family moved out of town months ago yet we still travel back to Sacramento so Dr. Sarte can treat our two 13-year old dogs. She knows their history, has reviewed their blood work, and is willing to give us the time we need to discuss not only the results, but also what our options are. If we can't find a suitable Veterinarian in our new City soon, we MAY just have to move back to Sacramento!

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Sam's Miracle

-Janet Bledsoe Gardner from Vacaville, CA
Pet Name: Sam

About 7 yrs. ago my Male Lab Sam (age 6 then) developed a large cyst on his left hind ankle that would NOT heal. It would get better and then swell up again. It actually bled several times and was sore to walk on. My roommate and I shared a "family" of 4 Labs (Sam being the Son) and could usually tend to most of their problems. After we'd tried everything, I took Sam to a trusted Vet that my parents had used a few times over the years. They were very caring, but Sam had grown tired of his painful ankle and voiced a small growl so a muzzle was used as a precaution. After viewing a specimen under a microscope, the Dr. SUSPECTED a Mast Cell Tumor and recommended amputating the lower leg. He felt that even if the biopsy was negative the ankle would never heal...3cm around a suspected tumor is the "rule" and there just isn't much tissue on an ankle. I had not expected THIS...Sam was so beautiful...tall, lean (he could hop up in a truck bed without taking a step) and "healthy as a horse". And so I got a 2nd opinion here in town and (again with a small growl from Sam) heard the same advice. It just didn't feel right to me...SAM?? So I went in search of a "Miracle". After a complete search of available Vets within 50 miles, pure instinct led me to "GREENHAVEN" in Sacramento. They saw him that afternoon...on a busy day :) Words can't describe how I felt when Dr. Sarte (a petite, young woman with blonde hair and the voice of an Angel) walked in the room...sat down on the floor without ANY hesitation and completely examined the ankle while he acted GOOFY, "rolling" around in her lap! And then she told me what I thought I'd never hear...she felt strongly that it was NOT a Mast Cell Tumor, though it really did APPEAR TO BE from what we ourselves had read by that time. One week and a few lab tests later, he went to surgery where she removed it. The biopsy came back negative! She is truly a "gifted" Doctor as is the ENTIRE staff. The drive was 40 minutes and they were slightly more expensive than some, but NOT unreasonable and SO worth it. And yes...it did take some time (along with daily home dressings) to heal over. Without any skin to cover the wound on that particular area of a large

Great Vet

-Joel Sosnick from Dixon, CA

The folks at Greenhaven treat our dogs like they are their own pets. The doctors take their time with us when we have our dogs in for an appointment.

The front office staff and the vet techs are great.

A good vet is very important to us and we are in great hands.

Everything Always Happens on the Weekend

-Phoebe from Sacramento, CA
Pet Name: Sunny

Late one Friday night, my husband and I were settled in on the sofa watching a movie when our elderly Golden Retriever ambled over for some lovin'. He loves to have his ear flaps rubbed, so I reached out without looking to oblige him. I nearly jumped off the sofa when touched him- his ear flap felt like a water balloon! I called our vet the next morning, but they couldn't see him. I proceeded to call every vet in Sacramento within a reasonable commute from my house, and kept getting "Sorry, we're full." What bothered me most was that none of them even asked what was wrong! Not even our own vet's office. When I called Greenhaven, I could immediately tell the person on the phone cared. She asked his symptoms, checked with the vet, and despite being full, they worked him in. I was so relieved! The staff was friendly and patient when we arrived, and Dr. Koncz was fantastic. Everyone I spoke with that day seemed to enjoy their jobs, and that speaks volumes about the practice. Sunny is healing well, and we're considering switching permanently to this office.