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The staff at Greenback are great

-Christine from Fair Oaks, CA
Pet Name: Molly

We are so happy with the care our pets receive at VCA Greenback Animal Hospital! With two cats and a new puppy, we have relied on the staff for everything from basic check ups and spaying to special dietary needs and maintenance of thyroid disease. The office staff and veterinary technicians at VCA Greenback Animal Hospital are always very efficient, friendly, and - above all - compassionate. Dr. Loughner is fantastic! She's highly knowledgeable and always explains every treatment option thoroughly. She's also always willing to answer questions or go the extra mile to help a pet that has an out-of the-ordinary situation. Our cat with thyroid disease is absolutely impossible to pill, so Dr. Loughner was able to get us a prescription from a compounding pharmacy for a topical medication that we simply rub on his ears. Wow- did that make life easier (for us and our kitty)! When you walk through the doors of the hospital, you know right away that you're in a place where your pet will be loved and well taken care of!

Christine Hale
Fair Oaks, CA

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Better Safe Than Sorry

-Sue Shoemaker from Orangevale, CA
Pet Name: Reagan and Tank

We have been clients of VCA Greenback since 1978 (before it was VCA, but with the same vet, Michael Bone, DVM). Over the years, they have taken great care of all of our dogs and cats, from puppyhood and kittyhood on. Always there, always vigilant, always with the best caring staff. Just today, they saved our Golden Retrievers from terrible harm when they got into rat poison. I can't say enough for Dr. Loughner and staff. Thank you, VCA Greenback.

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Yay Sunday Team

-Ronan from Sacramento, CA
Pet Name: Ronan

Today (8/8/10) was our first visit to VCA Greenback. In the past ten years, I've lived in five different states and have been to countless vets during my travels and moves. The team working this Sunday was, without hesitation, the best I've encountered. Dr. Jill and the staff handled our working line dog with exemplary skill and patience. We were so grateful to find such a competent and friendly group of professionals available on a Sunday. We hope to be making many more visits with our other furry companions to see Dr. Jill and the Sunday Team!

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Thank You!

-Samantha from Folsom, CA
Pet Name: Mia

My cat Mia who is 15 months was recently at VCA because she had been sick. When i took her in she had been a bit sick on and off for about a week and hadn't eaten for four days. Turns out after an exam and an x ray, she decided to swallow a dime! She went into surgery yesterday and my whole experience has been unbelievable. The one on one comprehensive care I received from Dr. Bone is above and beyond. He explained every single thing to me, no matter how long it took and how many questions that I had! He has taken the time to call me 3 times in the last two days :) The staff at VCA is also amazing, and I am so grateful to have my kitty in such great hands! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

VCA Greenback Animal Hospital Rocks

-S. Price from Rancho Cordova, CA
Pet Name: Bubz

My pit bull Bubz, who is 7 years old started to have trouble going to the bathroom. She would go outside and it would take her forever to go. When I saw blood in her urine, I started to panic. I took her into another vet and found out that she had a bladder stone that needed to be removed. The vet I had taken her too didn’t really seem to concerned about the stone and said that she needed surgery in the near future. I was not convinced that they had done everything they could for my pet, so I contacted VCA Greenback Animal Hospital to get advice and find out how soon surgery should be. When I explained that she had a stone and that I had an ultra sound picture of it, the staff at VCA scheduled an appointment for surgery right away. When I took her in I met with Sue, Joan and Dr. Bone to review the ultra sound and to have her examined. They all took the time to answer all my questions that I had and explained to me the procedure that would take place to remove the stone. Surgery was scheduled and done in the same day. Sue and Dr. Bone ensured me that they would take excellent care of Bubz before, during and after surgery. There concern and caring nature for Bubz helped put my mind at ease and I knew she was in the best hands possible. After the surgery, they called me to give me an update and explained that if the stone would have been left much longer, it could have killed my sweet Bubz. I am so very grateful for Sue, Joan and Dr. Bones for saving my pet and for showing me that my pet was not just a four legged animal. They understand that Bubz is a family member and did everything they could for her and me. They are truly three amazing people and VCA Greenback is a very awesome vet. After this experience, I will not go to any other vet and I will recommend VCA Greenback to all my friends and family. I want to again say thank you to Dr. Bone, Sue and Joan and all the staff for everything they did. I words cannot express my gratitude.

Take advantage of the New Client Exam

-Mickey from Citrus Heights, CA
Pet Name: Zoey

My great dog, Zoey was in need of a well health check. The hospital called me and set an appt. for the next day. All of the staff were truly caring and listened to my concerns. The Dr. found that Zoey had yeast in her nail beds which answered the consistent chewing on her paws. She is recovering wonderfully. I will recommend VCA Greenback to my friends and truly return to this location.