VCA Greater Savannah Animal Hospital Testimonials

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cute puppies

-jhonapplejonin from mcdonough, GA
Pet Name: duoaski

That is nice what ya'll are doing for the animals and saving and rescue them.

Pet Image

Awesome care

-Shannon from Savannah, GA
Pet Name: Pooter

My dog recently got into a fight with another dog and had to have emergency surgery. Dr Metts and her staff were wonderful in taking care of my baby!! He had to have a second surgery and after care. He has recovered wonderfully! Thanks to Dr Metts and her staff for taking wonderful care of my baby Pooter!!

Excellent Service

-Rachel from Savannah, GA
Pet Name: Mabelle

I brought my puppy in for her first visit a few weeks back on New Year's eve, not only were they open, but the whole staff was extremely friendly. I used the coupon for a free initial visit, which I've done at another vet's office, the other clinic was very rude, basically rushed through barely checking my puppy at all and then kicked us out when I didn't buy medication from them. At VCA, each member of the staff greeted my puppy and I then we were taken into an examination room where Dr. Metts did a very thorough exam while answering all questions I had. She was very patient, gentle and kind. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a good vet in the Savannah area. I bought a single dose of Sentinel by their recommendation, which proved to be an excellent and cost effective way to keep my puppy flea, heartworm, and worms free! I'm very grateful to Dr. Metts and her staff and will continue to bring Mabelle there for her future visits.

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I wish this clinic was in Santa Cruz

-Jutta Aletter from Santa Cruz, CA
Pet Name: Bernhard

We live on a boat and travel up the East Coast. While at a harbor on Skidaway Island, my dog didn't feel well for 2 days. When I spotted blood in his stool, I immediately tried to get an appointment with a local Vet. On a Saturday! VCA was not only open, but Sheron was also very friendly and gave me an appointment as early as possible. I noticed that my own pooch ​​and all the other dogs were much calmer than in other animal clinics. This is definitely due to the quiet and competent way of the entire team. My dog ​​is large and occasionally intimidating. But Dr. Harper sat on the floor to welcome him and took his time to get to know him and "sniff". Confidently and with great expertise he and Kandyce held and examined my baby who didn't protest at all - even when they probed sensitive places ;) Since I have a medical background I really appreciated Dr. Harper's valuable and detailed recommendations. I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for good and competent care for their pet!

Glad to find VCA

-Diana from Savannah, GA
Pet Name: Otis

I took my 2 years Bloodhound to this VCA Clinic....Amazing customer service....friendly and warm ...Reminded me Cheers theme.."Sometimes you want to go where everyone knows your name and they always glad you came....." Dr. Harper treated my Bloodhound as if he already knew him... part of the family...Immediately diagnosed and treated my dog's issue. Really...check them out ....

These kind folks!

-Jerry Cioli from SAVANNAH GA, GA

These kind folks helped with a stray cat that was in distress when others Vet places refused ! Thank u!

Above & Beyond

-Ree Rice from Savannah, GA
Pet Name: Olive

I'm a seasoned pet guardian, to say the least, generally cool headed and able to use common sense and discernment.....unless, of course, it's my baby suffering! In the wee hours of last Saturday morning my beloved 19 year old terrier mix, Olive, had a wicked case or diarrhea punctuated by a full blown grand-mal seizure leaving her disoriented and detached. As I waited anxiously for the clock to strike 8am so the phone would be turned on at VCA I contemplated the obvious possibility. Long story short, we're here, just under a week later, with a happy, healthy dog! She is spunkier than she has been in the last couple years thanks to a food adjustment and one of "Jeff's Magic Baths" which thoroughly removed excess hair, fleas, felt awesome to her, and made me happy to snuggle with my old girl in the bed again. She and I both cannot believe the difference. Dr. Steadley and staff were all beyond accommodating to my worried mind and my money-consciousness. I'd never put a price on my pet's life but neither can I afford to spend thousands on them. I have three pets to consider so it adds up. I needed someone to be upfront and tell me what to prioritize and what, if anything, would be most effective as well as most cost-effective. They did this without making me feel guilty and by more than meeting in the middle. I cannot say enough positive about the warmth and professionalism that all the people there exhibit not to mention the fact that the pet is always the priority! So many places that are corporate run make you feel like you are simply one of the herd....they want as much of your money as they can get without stopping to consider any individual circumstance. This is not the case here. Don't be mislead, pets are expensive, and well worth it. It's just the contrast in attitude and willingness to help that makes me know that this groups shines above most I have dealt with. I highly recommend their services to anyone who needs to get on track with vaccinations, find a new doctor for their furbabies, or even for someone looking to adopt -- they can help you in ways you may not have considered. Remember, they count on us to be their voice, so pay attention and be patient. We have lives -- they have only us. It's a humbling thing when you stop and think about it. The only thing they really want is to make us happy. The least we can do is make sure they're healthy!


-John W from Savannah, GA
Pet Name: Iggy

I would love to offer my personal gratitude to Dr. Harper, Office Mgr. Kandyce, Krista, Erin and all the others involved in the ongoing recovery of my beloved pal Iggy. In today's world of it's just about the money, they at VCA put the animal first. I've never seen so much time, love and caring dedicated to what many would call just an animal. She is doing much better due to their care. I thank God for real people like them. A great team!!! Thank you all at VCA All my love John

What a great experience!

-Amanda Dorman from Savannah, GA
Pet Name: Coz and Belle

I have been a client of Terri Sparks and the VCA Team for many years. Their service and facility has evolved into a first class operation. From the front door to the back door, their well-trained staff and pet friendly facility has become the kind of experience you want when your pet has health issues. Check-in has been streamlined and the examining rooms are promptly attended. Thank you for the personal attention in the office and the follow up calls. Your improvements have not gone unnoticed and are extremely appreciated.