Behavior Counseling

Behavioral problems in a pet are the number one reason animals are relinquished by their owners.  Many of these problems are not simple training issues and are beyond the scope of the local obedience class.  Behavior problems can be very troubling and owners can feel powerless when their correction attempts fail to resolve these problems.  If your pet is exhibiting signs such as aggression, fear, anxiety, phobia, housesoiling, or other strange behaviors, consult a veterinarian.

It is important to understand that medical problems can contribute to behavioral problems in an animal.  A variety of diseases and pain can cause or contribute to behavioral changes including housesoiling, irritability & aggression, anxiety, and compulsivity.  A veterinarian has training in the field of animal behavior and psychology, and is able to formulate both medical & behavioral treatment plans aimed specifically at your pet's individual problems.

If you believe you have a dog or cat behavioral case, please speak with your veterinarian for further information.