Client Services

  • Receptionist

    Sharon Thornburg
    School: Indiana University

    I cannot remember a time when I did not have an animal in my life. Whether it was the family dog or some poor creature that I brought home to my rather dismayed mother and father, animals have always been a big part of my world. However, while my love for animals has always been foremost to me, I came to this profession rather late in life. Before starting with an exotic only clinic in Atlanta several years ago, I primarily made my living in the sales and customer service industry, selling everything from real estate to landscape tools. It was only after having owned over thirty parrots, four dogs and two pigmy goats that I decided to combine both my passion for animals and my love of people. While I have found the field of veterinary medicine to be both challenging and rewarding, it is a career path I am truly grateful to have taken. Today, my husband and I share our home with 3 dogs, 3 parrots and five cats.

    Sharon is a full time receptionist who came to us when Dr. Sparks's practice with ours. Sharon has over 10 years experience in the veterinary field, including avians and exotics. Sharon and her husband are proud parents of their 3 dogs, 2 cats, and a parrot. When Sharon is not working, she enjoys gardening and singing with her bird.

  • Receptionist

    Cindy Winters

    I enjoy working at VCA Greater Savannah Animal Hospital as a receptionist. I love interacting with clients and their pets; every day is a new adventure and challenge. I have a strong background as an administrative assistant with over twenty five years customer service. I love the hustle and bustle of the office and helping others. When I am not at work, I enjoy working in the garden, cooking, and raising my family which includes my husband, three children, a grandson and a dog.