Savannah Pet Grooming & Boarding

  • Kennel Supervisor

    Jeff Mitchell

    Growing up on a farm in Vidalia, Georgia, Jeff's parents taught him that their pets were a part of the family. They were responsible for their physical and mental well being. Some of his pets were animals that other people had no use for or had special needs. It was a joy to see these animals thrive with attention, love, proper feeding and a place to call home. When Jeff started working at VCA, he wanted the animals to feel comfortable and well taken care of, a place they didn’t dread coming to and where they could connect with someone. He wanted it to be a place that their owners knew they are safe and well taken care of. "When I feel that the pets have no fear of staying with me and actually enjoy being at VCA for boarding, I know that I have done my job to the best of my ability and I have made a difference." Jeff says.

    Jeff is a terrific team member and wonderful kennel technician. His background is working in the human medical field but has chosen to work in the veterinary field instead because pets are cuter. His love of animals shows in his work. Jeff has two furbabies Echo and Ava.