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By VCA Antech
Published: December 31, 1969

Many of our clients have asked about the threat of canine influenza to their dogs.  Canine flu is a highly contagious respiratory virus with nearly all dogs that are exposed becoming infected within a few days after exposure.  The disease is highly contagious, so dogs that are around other dogs (boarding, grooming, dog shows, dog parks, contact with neighbors' dogs) are at an increased risk.
About 80% of exposed dogs will develop signs. Typical symptoms resemble those of "kennel cough" (often accompanied by nasal discharge).  Some dogs go on to develp pneumonia and can become critically ill. 

A new vaccine is available that can help reduce this risk.  Please schedule an appointment with one of our doctors to discuss this emerging threat to your dog.

See Dr. Leonhardt's (from VCA Animal General) article on K9 Influenza at