Client Services

  • Receptionist

    Tanya Chaika

    Tanya has been living in Maryland for 3 years now; she is originally from New Jersey. She has worked in the veterinary field for several years in New Jersey  and can't think of a better job than working with animals. She graduated from Kean University in 2004 with a bachelor's degree in English. She currently lives with 3 cats, 2 of which are blind and were rescued from a shelter in NJ. She enjoys cuddling with her cats, movies, reading, history, video games and spending time with her friends and family.

    "Since I was ten years old, I have always had a deep love for animals. If there was a room full of people and one dog, I would be over in the corner with the dog. Animals always seemed like amazing beings, full of unconditional love and acceptance. Naturally my love for animals led me into working for VCA. Being surrounded by animals all day and working in a small office makes it feel more like a family than going to work. Helping animals and making them lead healthier and happier lives gives me a great deal of appreciation for what I do. I feel so blessed that I am finally doing what I love to do and it shows through my work."

  • Receptionist

    Courtney Protack

    Courtney has been working at VCA for almost 8 yaers. She has lived in the area for a long time and graduated from Glasgow High School in 2002. She then attended Delaware Technical Community College. She is our Patient Outreach Coordinator. She enjoys spending time with family, reading a good book, singing, and playing with animals of course.

    "I have been with VCA for 8 years and the best years have been with VCA Glasgow. We have an awesome crew. I love interacting with our clients. We relate on so many levels. I'm just a talker naturally, so It helps when someone has their pet in the office to be treated or seen. The animals "sense" it also. They know when someone loves their job. I love being able to pet so many dogs and cats. The dogs show their appreciation much more openly but you can tell when they all are happy. I have been given more chances to improve my knowledge and skills since I have been with VCA Glasgow. I am always being encouraged to learn more to be better. After all we have lives in our hands and must do our best for the animals' sake. Our pets are an extension of us and they are most times part of the family. Most of our clients generally appreciate the love and care we provide as a team. This is why everyday is rewarding...I am happy and proud to say that I get to be a part of such a team."

  • Receptionist

    Amy Wright

    Amy has always had a passion for all animals, so it was no surprise that right out of high school she started working with animals. Amy started in the veterinary field after graduating high school in 2002 as a dog bather and now works as a customer service representative. Between 2002 and present she has worked her way through the industry from dog  bather, groomer, veterinary technician, veterinary technical supervisor, staff supervisor, and customer care specialist, making her a well rounded member of our staff. Amy also worked for several years in the restaurant industry primarily at Damon’s restaurant of New Castle. She is currently attending Delaware technical community college working toward being an ultrasound technician.

    Amy has lived in Delaware most of her life but was born in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania and visits her extended family often there. During her free time she enjoys playing with her daughter Julia, golden retriever Hope, and hermit crabs Ben and Jerry. She has a very energetic personality and is extremely outgoing. She strives to live life to the fullest always ready with a warm smile and kind words. Amy is a pure nurturer at heart and has love and passion for all animals. She strives to be the voice for the animals, and educate others sharing her knowledge to better the lives of all pets and people she comes in contact with.