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Published: Jun 01, 2012

Some pet owners may notice their dogs have dry, itchy or flaky skin in certain areas of their bodies, most notably the back, face, thighs and neck. Sometimes this irritated skin may be accompanied by an oily discharge. Typically, these are the signs of seborrhea in dogs.

Dogs normally have a slightly oily secretion called sebum on their skin.  With seborrhea, an excessive production of sebum occurs.  Affected dogs will often develop a very strong odor and have red, inflamed dry skin.  Owners may also notice flaky white pieces of skin (dandruff) in the area where the dog normally sleeps. Seborrhea is one of the more common skin conditions in dogs and often leads to secondary skin infections in dogs.

While seborrhea can be a primary skin disorder, some dogs have a variety of underlying causes responsible for this skin condition such as allergies, thyroid disease, fungal infections and obesity in dogs. Fleas and ticks on dogs are other possible triggers for the problem.

If you suspect your dog is afflicted with seborrhea or some other skin condition, you should take the animal to a veterinary clinic. A veterinarian will be able to diagnose the skin disorder as well as any possible underlying causes and prescribe remedies which can give your dog some relief.