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Dr. Todd Tams
Regional Medical Director

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Local Medical Issues

Rattlesnakes can commonly be found in Northern California, and rattlesnake bites pose a hazard for both people and pets. They are typically active from about March through September, and can be found almost anywhere, but especially near rivers and less-developed areas with wildlife.

When a dog or cat is bitten by a rattlesnake, it is usually around the face (dogs) and extremities (both dogs and cats). It is impossible to know how much venom has actually been injected through a snake's fangs into the bite wounds, so it is extremely important to seek veterinary attention right away. The rattlesnakes in California tend to have hemotoxic venom, which means that the venom disrupts the integrity of blood vessels. Shock, hemorrhage and severe bruising are common with envenomation. Common treatment will include IV fluids, antibiotics and supportive care. In some cases, anti-venin, which is a serum derived from horses with antibodies against four

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In additional to the traditional services that we offer, Dr. Betsy Adamson provides Chinese herbal medicine and Acupuncture. We also offer emergency after hours services to our established clients.

We invite you to explore the biographies of our doctors and staff and learn more about them. Our doctors and staff have a wide variety of backgrounds and interests.

Dr. Susan Broaddus
Associate Veterinarian
Veterinary School: University of California, Davis

Dr. Sue obtained her BA degree in biology from Sacramento State University in 1984 and DVM degree from the UCD, school of veterinary medicine, in

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Dr. Tom Broaddus
Associate Veterinarian
Veterinary School: University of California, Davis

Dr. Broaddus obtained his BS and DVM from the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis, graduating in 1975. After a 7 year

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Gateway Animal Hospital
Jessica and Russ from Redding

People often ask where I take my pets and I always tell them about VCA Gateway Animal Hospital. "Oh my, why go all the way to Anderson for a vet?" is what they say. "Because they're worth every penny in gas!" Dr. Sue was the first vet that saw my dogs over 10 years ago. Dr. Joy put my pet rat to sleep and cried with me. Dr. Tom did surgery on a friend's dog that broke her hip. Dr. Jean just spent over an hour talking to my boyfriend about his German Shepherd and how she is with other vets. Why do we drive out of our way to go to Gateway? Because not only are the veterinarians amazing, so are the vet techs. Kameron worked with our dog today and it was a great experience for all. The receptionists as soon as you walk in the door are always kind and friendly. A familiar face at the front desk is always comforting and Rachael has been there a long time. I have a friend that brings her dog 2.5 hours from Sacramento to keep going to Dr. Jean, Dr. Joy and Dr. Sue. My parents take all there dogs there. We work with rescue dogs and these veterinarians know that we cannot always predict how a rescue dog will react. Thank you to our veterinarians for taking such good care of our beloved pets. From our guinea pigs and rats, to dog and cats! We love you guys!

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