VCA Friendship Pompano Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Meredith Chantel Harvey

-Diane B. Harvey, R.N., CDE from Pompano, FL
Pet Name: Meredith Chantel Harvey

Meredith Chantel Harvey has been going to VCA South Pompano Animal Hospital since she was born � 8 � years ago. The doctors and staff are the best! She is always treated with TLC and everyone is very patient with my many questions. Meredith has her day at the "Groomer's Spa" about every 6 weeks. Carolyn keeps her looking pretty and stylish. Meredith receives so many compliments in the community and everyone asks me where she is groomed. Meredith enjoys her "day at the spa" � she arrives happy and comes home happy. I feel very fortunate that VCA South Pompano Animal Hospital is my choice for Meredith's healthcare and grooming.

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Izzy and Penelope

-Judy Ditfurth from Pompano, FL
Pet Name: Izzy and Penelope

This year marks the 41st anniversary of the years I have been a client as South Pompano Animal Hospital. So I am assuming that makes me the oldest (by years and age and those of being a patron) client. The "patients" in those years has included an assortment of 26 dogs and cats. There are currently two dogs and two cats who are visitors to the clinic as their needs arise. Because of the longtime association with South Pompano I feel I can speak with some authority about the clinic. Over the years there have been many veterinarians techs and office personnel who are part of the operation� most were wonderful people who took great carte off all my critters (and me) who came to see them. If not, there would not be 41 years to talk about. There have been many referrals when I've been asked where I take my animals. The current staff and I have a special rapport which is so important to me. They are my friends as well as medical staff and office personnel. I have the utmost confidence in the way my animals are cared for and feel all of the folks at the clinic have the interest and well being of my pets at heart 100% of the time.

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-Jean Simpson from Pompano, FL
Pet Name: Strider-Aragon

Hi, I am a wired-harried terrier named Strider-Aragon (yes, Lord of the Rings fame!) and I have "people", my pets, Jean and Randall Simpson; my beloved Vet, Dr. Simowitz; my dearest Kathy and Susan who rightly adore me and last but not least Carolyn who grooms and pampers me on spa day. Ever since the VCA South Pompano put me with Jean and Randall I have been going to VCA for my shots and wellness checks, my dental cleanings and all of my other needs. Particularly my allergy shots each month which make my life so much more comfortable. No one can believe that I go to my appointments so readily and bounce in so happy to see everyone, but why not when I receive such excellent care and attention � I love you all!!!!

Hi, we are Jean and Randall Simpson, our darling terrier, Strider-Aragon, has been going regularly to VCA South Pompano since he came to us at 3 months old, almost 3 years ago. He is groomed there, gets his monthly shots and comes in whenever he is not feeling good for Dr. Simowitz to make him "all better". We cannot speak highly enough of the carte and attention paid to Strider-Aragon and he just loves everyone there. We know that he is loved and treated well in their care and have every confidence that whatever recommendations are made for his health will be in best interest. Thank you all very much for the love and care you give every day!

Thank You For All You Do

-Kristen Pawlowicz from Pompano Beach, FL
Pet Name: Lady and Tuxedo

Thank you for all of the love and care you give to Tuxedo and Lady when they come in. We've had our fair share of medical issues with these two but we couldn't ask for a better Dr. and support staff to get us through these times. Thanks for everything you do. You have a way of making us feel reassured even when our babies are sick!! This is a truly great facility!

Staff is So Helpful

-Barney's Mom from Fort Lauderdale, FL
Pet Name: Barney

I took Barney there initially on a free visit from the Broward County Humane Society. I recently had to bring him in for skin problem (after not coming there for a while). Every one was so kind and helpful.

Every time I have called there with a question the staff really tries to help.

Then I came in yesterday to buy some shampoo. Sharlene at the front desk is one of the kindest, most helpful people I have ever met.

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Long Time Clients

-The Mosher Family from Pompano Beach, FL
Pet Name: Cashmere our youngest

We too are long time clients. It's been 33 years since our first visit to Collins Animal Hospital, which over the years has become VCA Friendship Pompano and has only gotten better with time! We have had wonderful vets over the years, but this team's knowledge, coupled with a caring and compassion that one only hopes to find, make this team simply the best. Routine or emergency, your beloved pet could not be in better hands. Be it allopathic, holistic or something in between, they work their hardest for you and your pets.

Sandy and Bob Mosher


-kelly smith from pompano beach, FL
Pet Name: moon

They are so nice on the phone I made a appt for my cat they were helpful I love Dr. Janet

They Listen To You And Care

-Daniela Mitrovic from Pompano Beach, FL
Pet Name: Betty

The staff and doctor here make sure that your pet get the best treatment possible. I was impressed at the amount of consideration that goes into a visit. They gave my cat some calming spray and even kept the lights dimmed to make it calmer for her. I was extremely happy that the doctor gave me a natural solution to get fiber into her diet and told me what to look out for as they get older. A+, top of the line practice. They treat your pets like the family members they really are.