Veterinary Support

  • Technician

    Jamie Uecker

    There is no other path I would have rather taken in life, then helping animals.  It's my passion, and what I love to do every day.  As a child I was always asking my parents "Can we take him home?" trying to save and protect every animal I set my eyes on.  As an adult, I still try my best to save and protect every animal in need.  I love meeting and getting to know owners and their "fur babies" - watching them come in and seeing how much they have grown and seeing their personalities develop, and the beautiful bond that has formed between them.  It is so rewarding to help keep our fur kids happy and healthy, to help our sick ones get better, or even save a life!  There is no better feeling in the world then that of lending a helping hand to a paw in need!  I have the best career in the world and am grateful to do what I love.  Who else gets to come to work and enjoy the company of these cuties every day?