• Hospital Manager

    H. Bronson Graves, V

    I first joined the veterinary field in 1997 as a volunteer nurse. Over the next 4 years I came to the conclusion that it was to emotionally challenging of a career on a day to day base to help ease the pain of suffering animals.

    I left the field for next 10 years until 2011 when I fell back into the field by mistake. I decided to close my consulting company and rejoin the workforce. My wife, a Certified Veterinary technician, showed my resume to her manager which encouraged me to apply for a practice manager position with their company.

    Shortly after being hired and while still training I had to nurse three euthanasia appointments. It was during the course of helping each of these owners find piece, comfort and relief for their beloved pets that I realized I had matured to the point of being able to handle the emotional toll of this field.

    Today I use my empathy and love for pets to help owners understand how to provide a better quality of life for their pets. I truly believe through great open communication we can collaborate together with owners to provide longer happier healthier lives for pets.