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-Arlene and Ralph Yannece from Freehold, NJ

The best testimonial has to come from our Kerry Blue Terrier, Lolly, who cannot wait to get out of our car when we pull into the Freehold Animal Hospital. She has friends there. Dr. Tullio, who treats her like his own child (and answers our questions and returns our phone calls), and all of the staff. The desk attendants love working with the animals and are efficient and friendly. We also board Lolly there alot, and her tail wags when she sees any of the kennel staff.

Arlene and Ralph Yannece

What We Like ABOUT Freehold VCA

-Lori Forrest from Freehold, NJ

I have been a customer at the Freehold facility for over 25 years. Dr. Gloth initially took care of my childhood dog, Snowflake and then years later, my parents dog Kya and currently my 2 dogs Sierra & Nevada. He did and still does so with a huge smile on his face and a concerning "How's your parents doing?" whenever I go in for an appointment.

When I met my husband almost 3 years ago, he had two dogs as well. Since Dr. Gloth was no longer taking new clients, Bob's dogs � Chynna and Lexi had the privilege of getting to know Dr.Tullio � only too well though.

As lazy as Lexi (a husky) is, she seems to always be getting hurt. First it was getting her "thumb" nail ripped off while playing with Sierra and then it was a large mass in her hind leg that all of a sudden appeared one week after her normal physical. Chynna is a Sharpei, and as inherent in that breed, has several serious health issues- eye ulcers and bad skin.

Dr. Tullio has treated both dogs A LOT lately due to these ailments. He does so with a huge laugh every time he sees Bob sitting in the waiting room with one or the other of the dogs, but he also does so with such extreme dedication and compassion that one rarely finds these days.

He has squeezed the dogs in for emergency appointments when I'm sure he thought he was going to head home on time this time and has made phone calls to Bob well past closing hours on a Friday night or first thing when he arrived to the office to let us know how the dogs faired after surgery or a procedure.

When my parents' dog died very suddenly last year, Dr. Gloth was not on that day. But thankfully, Dr. Tullio was and treated my parents and Kya as if he was their doctor the last 15 years, just like Dr Gloth would have. He did every thing he could to try and revive her, was so compassionate to my parents in the waiting room right afterwards, and had already told Dr. Gloth about what happened before my mother showed up first thing the next morning to once again thank everyone at the office for how nice they were to them and Kya the night before.

And although not specifically by name, I can not forget the ENTIRE rest of the staff that makes every visit pleasant (and most likely keeps the place together!)
� The Techs: treat each dog like it's their own � taking them for walks, giving them biscuits, giving and getting a few hugs kisses here and there.
� The Front Desk: efficient scheduling of appointments; courteous phone skills; a "Come right in" in an emergency; know who you are when you call (now granted we've been there a lot lately) but it really does show they care and pay attention.
� The rest of the Doctors: whom we may not have had a chance to deal with directly yet, but we know they have been involved with consultations of our dogs and certainly contribute to the overall experience we've had at Freehold VCA.

We know we will be customers of Freehold VCA for life!! And we can't even begin to thank everyone enough for treating our dogs so well and with the best care that we could ask for from anyone!!!!!!!

When times are tough

-Helen from Old Bridge, NJ

Thanks to all of you for your concerns and best wishes. When one is in a spot, your concern at The Freehold Animal Hospital means so much. You'll never know how much!
Diane-Thanks for your kind words.
Lisa-You know how I feel about you.

Love and Kisses to all of you.


Kindness, Gentleness and Compassion

-Liz L from Marlboro, NJ
Pet Name: Bella

Words cannot express my thanks to the entire Freehold VCA staff, especially Dr. Tickten and Dr. Land for their kind, compassionate and sympathetic care provided to my Bella during her illness. Your sympathy on her passing was so genuine and heartfelt. I will never forget your empathy for our pain during her last few moments. Our pets are lucky to have you to care for them. Thank you again.

Pet Image

Best in Town

-Amanda Ritorto from Old Bridge, NJ
Pet Name: Bella

I love this place, I have been to my share of veterinarians and this place by far has the best staff and best vets in town. They are kind and friendly and always there when you need them. I love how they always answer the phone with a happy disposition and they don't leave on hold for long and always come back with answers. The vets take their time in explaining your situation in terms you understand and they don't try and sell you everything under the son. They only recommend to you what is needed for the dog and what is necessary. I also love how they fill prescriptions so quickly for pick-up and there prices are mostly reasonable.


-Dee and Vinny from Freehold, NJ

Our first visit was 18 years ago when we moved to Freehold, with our first beagle, and still continuing with beagles in our family, have stayed with the wonderful, dedicated, people who are involved in making our beagles visits as pleasant as possible. Our dear friend Dr. Gloth is just an amazingly kind, gentle, caring person. We adore him always. We have also have met a few times, Dr. Sadowski and Dr. Land and they are both absolutely lovely and caring as well. Always a pleasure seeing the smiling faces of the front desk staff, and the extremely friendly and very very caring, always smiling as well, gentle techs in the back that help with our beagle checkups. We love our beagles and hope they stay healthy for a very long time as we keep on their yearly scheduled checkups at Freehold Animal Hospital.

Very Very Pleased

-The Ingrams from Freehold, NJ
Pet Name: Cruiser

We are new clients at Freehold Animal Hospital and we are very happy to have chose them to care for our little guy, Cruiser. The veterinarians and the staff are warm and caring; they have done everything they can to make us feel welcomed and appreciated. They provide good service at a fair price. We hope to continue our relationship with them. Thank you for all you do.

Dr Gloth - animal 'saviour'.

-The Carr Family from Freehold, NJ
Pet Name: Tiger

Dr Gloth is an exceptional veterinarian. He cares for our precious kitties like they are his own. Not only that but he is such a wonderful person that we feel like he is one of the family. His passion for animals and their welfare is exceptional. I don't know what we would do without vets like him. Our 'little ones' say a huge THANK YOU to our "Woody". Thanks so much Dr. Gloth. And not forgetting the desk staff, who are friendly and welcoming, and who always remind us of forthcoming appointments and always FOLLOW UP on each visit, which is an important part of patient care. F.A.H. is a blessing to anyone with an animal.

Amazing Care

-Lori from East Brunswick, NJ
Pet Name: Tasha Belle

I have a 10.5 year old dog and I went on a Wednesday for the wellness day. She was behind on her vaccinations and lots of other stuff and she is my baby. Every member of the staff there treated her as such it really was amazing from the front desk staff to the techs, to the doctors they were all fantastic. I see lots of people say it is expensive. I have never found a vet that is not expensive. But you don't buy a pet if you are not prepared to pay a price. I would pay what I did and twice on sundays as they told me aside from some arthritis my dog is perfect inside and out. Thank you


-Dee and vinny from freehold, NJ

We have written in the past about the wonderful care that our beagles receive from everyone on staff. Not just the doctors, but the whole staff. The greeting at the front desk from everyone immediately makes you feel at ease whether your pet is arriving for just a well checkup, or for illness (as one of my beagles is going through). Since 1993 we have been going to Freehold Vet hospital, (having met Dr Gloth through our children) and loved the rest of the staff as the years progressed, and will continue to recommend anyone to do so as well. Dedicated, committed, compassionate, friendly are ALL of the doctors and STAFF as well. THANK YOU ALL for always being there when our beagles need you.