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Published: February 05, 2013

Onyx came to us in May 2012 emaciated and suffering from painful skin infections, caused by long-term untreated mange. Freehold Animal Hospital fostered Onyx for the next 7 months, dedicated to get Onyx healthy and happy once and for all. With the support of a dynamic team of doctors and staff, Onyx was finally getting the love and care that he so desperately needed. The local rescue group, Rescue Ridge, helped out with his training and medical needs, and even posted his information on their on-line sites. New Jersey Channel 12 News were so moved by Onyx's story that they came and interviewed him on television. Finally, with the help of our staff member, Stacy, Onyx found his forever home in December. Onyx couldn't wait to go home with his new family. Onyx's Dad brings him in regularly for check ups and to say hello to everyone. Onyx loves seeing all the familiar faces every time he comes to the hospital. We are so grateful that Onyx finally found his forever home!