Our Franklin Park Animal Hospital

At VCA Franklin Park Animal Hospital, we want to ensure that you and your pet have a long, healthy life together. Our dedicated staff takes pride in providing excellent client education. We look forward to discussing vaccines, microchip identification, spaying/neutering, heartworm and parasite prevention as well as dental hygiene and behavioral concerns.

As your pet ages we will encourage regular health exams and screening blood tests in order to detect potentially life shortening issues early, while they may be more readily treated. If your pet does become ill rest assured the staff at VCA Franklin Park Animal Hospital are ready to provide outstanding care. With on-site laboratory, state of the art monitoring devices, fluid pumps and other equipment we maintain a very high level of care.

Whether you are welcoming a new furry addition or enjoying your pet's golden years, VCA Franklin Park Animal Hospital will be there "in sickness or in health" to provide your pet the very best medical care in our clean, comfortable, caring environment.