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Our Precious Pug

-Marianne Silva from East Haven, CT
Pet Name: Harley

On 1-8-13 we made the decision to put our pug to sleep after many medical issues escalated with him over the years. While my poor pug was in the middle of seizing at 7:30am I was on the phone trying to find a place I can bring him that early as my own vet, and this facility, didn't open till 9am. [Another animal hospital] had the audacity to start reading me prices for each thing they may have to do and told me they needed the money then and if I couldn't afford it maybe I could phone a family member....I could not believe this. After all of this time, I ended up waiting for this facility to open at 9am. Upon calling the receptionist, Nicole, told me to come right down. As soon as we walked in we were greeted & they immediately paid attention to my dog. Dr. Arad was so very awesome with helping us understand what was happening & giving us the time we needed to say good-bye to our little buddy!!! I would like to thank Dr. Arad, and Omar, who was so sweet & kind to my daughter & I. Even though they see this every day, they made us feel like our dog was one in a million & for that I will be forever grateful!

Caring People

-Cheryl from East Haven, CT
Pet Name: Eli

I adopted my first dog in a very long time and he arrived at my door last Friday (May 17, 2013) I called VCA Foxon that same day to get a wellness checkup for Eli and was able to get one the very next day. The staff took the time to get to know me and Eli. They examined him and pointed me in the right direction with his vaccines. Two days later when I was concerned about something that was going on with Eli, they were able to squeeze me in that day so that I could put my mind at ease. The staff again was super nice and explained things to me as they went along. A few days later when his condition didn't seem to be getting any better I spoke with one of the vets over the phone, she spent almost a half hour with me going over options to help Eli feel better. I thought it was pretty awesome that they took the time to listen to what I was saying and that they followed up each visit with a phone call the next day to see how he is doing..they have definitely earned my trust for the new love in my life...thanks so much for putting my mind at ease.

The staff at VCA are the best....

-Carolyn from New Haven, CT
Pet Name: Shamrock

Dr. Kelly Ward is one of the best they ever had at VCA. I had to put my beloved cat down and Dr. Ward did a remarkable job of explaining complicated things and answering questions in a straightforward and understandable way. I enthusiastically recommend her to everyone we know who has pets.