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Published: Apr 11, 2012

Betsy Alt cried when she first saw the price for the orthopedic surgery that would allow her standard poodle, Callie, to walk again. She considered taking out a loan to cover the $4,000 it would cost for the complicated surgery and subsequent physical therapy at the vet clinic, but instead turned to social media to raise the money, WISHTV 8 News reports.

She was able to raise enough money to cover the surgery and most of the dog's physical therapy by explaining the predicament on the website Donors from as far away as India took pity on Alt and her canine companion, and now Alt plans on starting a non-profit organization to help dogs in situations like Callie's.

The average cost of owning a dog is about $700 per year, according to the ASPCA. However, when a dog suffers from a knee injury or dog hip dysplasia, owners may find themselves faced with unexpected veterinary clinic bills. VCA Animal Hospitals reports that is why investing in pet insurance is a good idea for any owner. Insurance can cover treatments, surgeries, lab fees, X-rays and other veterinary procedures that are necessary to give pets the best life possible.